Thursday, December 18, 2008

I made a mistake

I posted on a local girls blog using my real blogger id.. and now people have found me. I had no intention of anyone ever really finding this other than the people I pointed here but alas they have. All good things must come to an end and all.. so it is the beginning of a new era here on the water.. one in which I have to watch what I say and about who.. or at the very least use code words! By the way.. HI TRACY! HI ROBBY!

So it is time to blow the dust off the publish post button in blogger and carry on with my story.. my fun.. my life as a waterman's wife.. smooches to all!

And by the way... Katy.. Monkling.. Kim-D I still love ya'll..

(footnote: I really don't mind people finding me.. it gives me a reason to think up new stories.. and may take a picture or two)


  1. why can't i see this post.. trying to force posting

  2. Who knew robbie would figure it out!! And there are only 2 Annie Marie in the county and it has your picture on it sweetie and I did grow up across the street from your hubby and ride the bus with you soooooo you could only hide for so I'm off to reading the past....haha!!1

  3. I guess it gave you a reason to update....I miss you. Start a new blog....just let me know where it is.