Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where did THAT come from?

Ok.. it is Weird Wednesday around here today because I have had something on my mind for quiet a few weeks now. During a wild round of RummiKub and maybe after hanging out with Jose for at least half a bottle or so, something crossed my mind. Why when we are upset do we call other people body parts and are those seriously any worse that any other body part?

Let's take Boob... why are we calling people BOOB? Why not Elbow Fat?

Butthead.. why not Crusty Eye Socket?

Ass... why not Stinky Ear Wax?

I could do this all day long people and let's look at this closely! If you are in an argument with someone even a stranger who cut you off on the road and you are getting ready to scream ASSHOLE out the window.. pause and think of another body part... Yell out... Blistered Pinky Toe! I bet ya that you are going to make yourself laugh and completely forget about him cutting you off. In an argument with your kid over homework instead of calling them a stubborn butt head... not that I ever would do such a thing... scream you are such a sore shoulder blade! The chances of you walking away and not laughing are slim to none.

Come on everyone let's give it a whirl I am thinking that you will have many arguments ending in fits of giggles!

Have a lovely day all you clipped finger nails and LHK to a scabby knee out there!


  1. You . . .you . . . skin tag on the neck! I just laughed so hard and spit coffee on my screen! Dang it!

    You are a Kidney Stone! LHK

  2. You are just too funny...we need to hang out together in November at the Oyster Fest...we could so get into trouble.

  3. Yeah, well if you weren't such a hang nail ...