Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok people what is so special about Fridays?

I still get up and get excited about the day and I call to the waterkids.. It is Friday!!! and they jump right out of bed and get ready for school and run out the door like the school day is different and I flip the computer on like the work day is going to be different. But is it?

Typically Fridays are more hectic for me in the work area of my life. I shouldn't be exaclaming IT IS FRIDAY!!! I should be saying ... #$%#$@%^#$ it is Friday.

Typically Friday's mean test at school for the waterkids... they too should be saying.... #$%$#^#$ it is Friday. (not that waterkids would ever talk that way cause their mama raised them better.... yea right)

However, this is not how it works, we all get up and are excited because it is Friday! I would say on my part it is because I get to drink tonight, but that would not be different than any other night. I could also guess it is because the kids can stay up later tonight, but they do that behind my back anyway.

So why are we so happy that it is Friday is it because the end is near, but do we really want anything in life to actually END? Maybe it is because there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or is that a train?

Come on people.. lay it on me what makes Friday so special?

Maybe if I had one of these waiting at the end of the day I would be happier.


  1. Friday ... ahh .. the end of the work week and the one night I can stay up and not feel like dog-do in the morning cause I can sleep in ... even an extra hour of sleep is bliss. Keep that platter, olives have way too much salt, but pass the wine this way

  2. Love me some Fridays too! Party and end of the week. No work rules!
    So what time are we meeting for wine?

  3. It's because we know that after we get through this workday or school day, we have a break in our routine (most of us, anyway) and we have a few precious days of relative freedom (fall sports schedules notwithstanding).

    For me, it's the knowledge that the agony of the work week is behind me, and in front of me lies free time and sleeping time.

    Pass the wine first, then get out of my way because I'm all over that cheese.

  4. I will make you a cheese and bruschetta platter when we come up for Oyster Fest!!! And we can share copius amounts of wine. Happy Friday...have a great weekend.

  5. do I see Christmas cheese?