Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do you know

how many paper cuts one can get from printing 50,000 plus barcodes? Well let me tell ya.. it is a LOT.

Do you know how many bottles of wine needed to be consumed to get through that process? Again a LOT but that was much more enjoyable and it led me to the find of this. Which in it self is quite funny because I am a middle sister but not a middle sister at all. My little sister is also a middle sister but not a middle sister at all. Yes yes.. confusing. Let's see how I can make this make sense for you..... Hmmm it is probably not possible but I will try.

One group of siblings... 3 sisters ... I am the middle sister.

Another group of siblings.... 2 sisters and a brother .... she is the middle sister.

This is her.. the middle sister that isn't my middle sister but my baby sister... Kinda prissy looking don't ya think?

Get it? Oh good.

Back to whatever it was I was talking about.. oh yes the wine. I have to say it is the most wonderful stuff that ever came squishing out of a grape and I am seriously contemplating a trip to Cali just to go see them. I do have to say that my favorite is the Mischief Maker and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I have never made a bit of Mischief in my life!

This is what is on the label.. doesn't describe ME at all.

Interesting stuff on that wine bottle isn't it? I mean seriously never in a million years would I dream of doing anything like that label says but when I have that bottle in my hand ready to pour it in a glass I get a shiver knowing that I am about to partake in the perfect wine for me. Not because of the name just because it tastes good.

Ahhh shit. I can't even make myself believe that load of crap. Here's to all the middle sisters that aren't really middle sisters and the mischief makers out there.. let's stand strong and proud!

Not Mischievous looking at all am I? Muwhahahahahahahhahah


  1. Except for the leather pants part, at least at a wedding, and the red meat part ... this is me ... I need that wino delecto immediato

  2. I too, am a middle, but not really a middle...4 girls, all sisters...2 older, 2 younger...I was the older of the two younger, but still a middle...does that make sense?

    I can not wait to hang out with you in November...I love mischief.

  3. As the bossy oldest of a Middle Sister who acts, behaves, lives and breathes like a victimized Middle Sister, I just have one thing to say:

    Go get me some wine and make it snappy.

    (Great pictures.)