Friday, September 4, 2009

Sis... Watergirls first football game.

Now that I am no longer a bundle of nerves or in a drug induced fog I thought that it would be a good time to show off Sis the amazing Cheerleader Watergirl!

She starts high school on Tuesday.... HIGH SCHOOL! Ok maybe I need more drugs! I do have to say she is a good kid, a bit boy crazy, but a good kid (at least compared to me at that age she is a good kid) She made the Cheer Squad or whatever the heck you call it last June and I could not be prouder and the kid is pretty darn good too!

So Happy Friday and Enjoy the shots!

One of the Moms made ribbons.. aren't they cute
She has nice form...

Tee made her laugh.

Time for a halftime shot with a good buddy...


  1. She is just beautiful!!! Reminds me of when my oldest cheered at PA for 4 years. Is there a game the Friday of Oyster Festival? I wanna go to a game so badly.

  2. She is so pretty and graceful .. gawd they grow up so fast .. you are right to be proud! As her honorary Blister aunt I am too!

  3. she's lovely!
    the start of high school is so exciting

  4. Rah rah rah, now THAT is a REAL leader of cheers! :-)

  5. My child made the blog, OMG!!! Boy crazy does not even cover it!!!!

  6. I imagine the boys are just as crazy for her...Gorgeous!