Sunday, December 13, 2009

I was told I stink at this.....

Must say it is pretty much the truth. But when I sit down at the keyboard and try to make the words form together to make some sort of sense lately it has come out looking like this...

"#$%$# christmas close #$%# shopping #$%# sleep #$%#@ work #$%$#@ wrap #$%@#"

See absolutely NO SENSE.

Ok the truth is when I sit down and begin to write the thought that really goes through my head is... "NO ONE wants to hear THAT!" What I should do at this juncture is reply to myself with "Who cares exactly what they want to read... this isn't about THEM it is YOUR blog!!!" And to think I was accused this week of being selfish... sigh. To quote "You are the most selfish person to ever walk this Earth." I must say I didn't reply I just stood there blinking that blink that betrays your brains sense of thinking "don't say anything don't say anything!" instead those eyes blink... big beautiful blue ones I might add.. blink. blink. blink. Which shouts "DROP DEAD YOU #$%@# IDIOT" apparently, because the rant went on from there. I am sorry I don't deal well with holier than thou idiots even if they ARE family.

I am who I am .. I was born this way have been this way for 38 years now, I have a feeling I will die this way, except for when I die I will be 50 lbs lighter and not in a bathrobe but in kick ass jeans, a sexy Chico's top, cowboy boots and the last you will see of me is driving off into the sunset in a black Camero... Hey we can all have dreams right?

Did I mention that the most selfish person in the world is the sister of the most giving person in the world. Sister person, let me post out here publicly for all the world to see.. I LOVE YOU. Thank you for everything... my room is working quite nicely here in Bavon (other than the fact that there are PEOPLE in my room here that weren't there .. that part not working out so well can I send them away??) The clothes are looking lovely in my closet. I sigh when I walk in there now .. longing for the day, inspiring me another morning to not eat that friggin doughnut that has been calling me since 2 am.

It is wonderful to have such balance in our family.. Most Giving Sister and Most Selfish Sister fun isn't it! We always said if they mashed us together into one person the world just wouldn't be able to deal!

I shall leave now.. until my bff fusses at me to leave a new post because she is sick of the old one.. so I guess be back in roughly 2 weeks.


  1. I missed you, I like your 'drivel' ..its not by the way. And between us, I seriously doubt you are the most selfish person in the world .. I believe as I am older I have held that title longer ... so there

    and in-between posts could you send me the pattern for the mitts?

    See? Its all about me

  2. Well, you can't be but so selfish if you invite a group of crazy, cackling women over to your home for a meal fit for a king. A selfish person also does not knit mittens for other people. A selfish person doesn't offer her street address to another person who is having trouble with because they won't deliver to a post office box.

    I could go on, but I need to drink some coffee. Because it's all about me and my needs, of which there are many.

    Queen of Selfishness

  3. Oh, so this is your blog huh? Well, in that case.... wait, sorry I was getting self absorbed... I do that sometimes. Alot actually.

    I would bet you are not selfish at all. I heard about the crazy night after Oyster Festival, and that was not hosted by someone selfish.

    I completely understand the gibberish, I speak it fluently.... back to me again...

  4. selfish I think not, you posted just for me so I would have something other than Rolands face to look at while I was checking on your postings!!!

  5. Dear Selfish Sister Person,
    Perhaps the person was using this definition of selfish? selfish: being a usually repetitive sequence of nucleic acid that actively replicateswithin an organism but is not expressed phenotypically and serves no known function
    Cause that definition confuses even me. And well, we know I'm not the blonde in the family.
    I love you! And if you are selfish, think what a wonderful world we live in if you are considered selfish in comparison to others.
    Your Favorite Sister Person.

    PS - glad you love the room and finding motivation in the closet.