Monday, April 5, 2010

Mathews Monday! Updated with a slight correction!

Welcome to our first Mathews Monday post.

While I am sure the idea is not even close to original I was happy that it popped into my head Saturday as I wandered around the Mathews Farmers Market taking in the sounds and sights and sometimes smells (no live stock just perfect daffy-dils from CBW and some baked goods from a lady who I walked by so fast all I caught was a wiff of heavenly goodness and gained 3 pounds just that quick.. next time baked goods lady I will stop.. just please don't sell me anything) Even though there is a plethora of local characters to meet at the Farmers Market there are plenty of others just around town that I want to introduce the blogsphere to. Friendly local florist, retired military men, actors who had the pleasure of cutting a rug with Sandra Bullock! Our town is full of stories from the past, present, and many more to come in the future.

So lets move on to our first character, who is from Mathews and was a participant in the Mathews Farmers Market this past Saturday and let me tell you not only is he cute he is friendly as well! While the sky was overcast that day and didn't help in the way of perfect shots Mr Buz of Bloody's by Buz was just a ray of sunshine in the middle of a foggy Saturday morning. CBW pointed me his way with the alluring words of "Best Bloody Mary Mix.. EVER."

I will admit my initial response was.. PFFFFTTTT not possible because *I* make the best Bloody Mary's EVER. However, after just a couple of minutes of speaking to Buz he made it completely clear to me that he had no intention of replacing my homemade recipe because no one could ever replace a homemade Bloody Mary, and that he was simply looking for a better mix, one that was easily accessible for those mornings when you just don't have it in ya to figure out what you should put in the darn glass. (ok that last part was what I came up with)

Buz handed me a little taste of what appeared to be a nice mixture of ingredients for a Bloody Mary, it wasn't to red, it wasn't to transparent (yes I have seen them that way.. my advice step away from the bottle), it seemed to have just the right amount of spices to make it a beautiful sight in my glass (I like my Mary's to have a bit of texture). Next like any great connoisseur I swirled the nice little glass and sniffed the redneck that I am, I down the cute little cup and let me be the first to tell you.. WOW! That stuff was knock your socks off, or flip flops if that is the case, GOOD! I think before I even set my little cup down I was pulling what little bit of cash I had in my pocket out and saying I want this much.. however much this much will buy I want it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you like Bloody Mary's, as an afternoon pick me up, or during a leisurely Sunday brunch with friends, go visit Buz at or if you are lucky enough to happen to be in Mathews between 9 and 1 on Saturday April 17th swing on by the Farmers Market he just may be there to knock your socks off as well.

There are a couple of little side notes to this first Mathews Monday that I would like to point out.

1. I was in no way prepared on Saturday while speaking with Buz to actually "report" on this on Monday. I had no note pad and only my camera in tow which should have been enough, however, the heavenly goodness of Bloody's by Buz made me forget who I was much less what the heck I was doing and I didn't take near as many pictures as I should have or obtained important information.. I will try to grow as this little project grows and if I ever happen upon Buz again.. I will be doing a bit more detailed post.

2. Sunday afternoons after a 5 mile bike ride and a 4 mile walk is the PERFECT time to partake in a nice tall cool Bloody Mary while reading a really good book and relaxing, I can't tell you how nice it was not to have to put away the 50 ingredients I put in my Bloody Mary's!

3. I will try to get better at this.. I promise.

And to Mr. Buz... I thank you kind sir... I thank you.


  1. This truly was the best bloody mary mix-very flavorful. Our table was set up right next to his and across from the actor.

    For anyone who hasn't been to the Farmers Market, I encourage you to go. The bloody mary mix won't be there this coming Saturday because he's out of town, but weekend after next he'll be back.

    The stuff is good.

  2. Thanks for the generous comments Ann Marie and Janice. You both made Saturday very special. Ann Marie, I do live in Mathews and have since December. It truly is a slice of Heaven for this "Come here." See you all on April 17.

  3. What fun. I want us to make cards to see at the Market .. we need to talk at BlogFest about this since we didnt get a chance when you didnt get here this February

  4. I'll need some of that this July!

  5. Does it have at least a wee taste of Old Bay to it? :-) I can't drink mine without it!

  6. As I wet the tip of my pencil with my tongue I am writing down important information.

    ........walk real fast past the baked goods lady (I can't afford to gain any more weight)

    ........Must taste test Mr Buz's product (I am the official taste tester you know)

    ........Must taste test Mr Buz's product (A body can't be too cautious)

    ........Must taste test Mr Buz's product (Hmm this may take a while)

    Have a great week!