Thursday, April 22, 2010

They are growing UP....

My children.. my friends children.. all around me the kids are getting older but I know for a fact I am not. At least I don't act like I am so I am not right?

While I have been hiding under my rock lately feeling completely sorry for myself and like a complete loser as a mother, friend, sister, wife, daughter.. you name it I felt like I sucked at it, I realized all I am doing is allowing more time to pass by with my head in a bag of chips and that I just needed to toss them out and get on with it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In June my oldest son graduates from high school and will then be whisking off on a road trip with some friends. I gave him a bit of advice none of which made a bit of sense considering the fact the things I told him were not at all hypocritical and basically amounted to go have fun and if you get in trouble and are in jail call me I will post your bail. (hey someone did it for me)

Would you believe that absolutely none of this is the point of this post.. well other than our kids are growing up. One of my very dear friends (waving at Tee) has a daughter who is the same age as my oldest son and I had the very special privilege of taking some Senior Photos of her a weekend or so ago. While under my rock I did not have internet so there for I have not posted them here until now.

So without further ado.... I give you Bethie.

Haven Beach I removed all but blue.
Same here just different pose. She is just beautiful.

Black and White this was my fav.

One of the first shots... the child could be a model.


  1. My mouth is hanging wide open! I could not be more flattered that you posted MY daughter in your blog! You do not suck as a friend, mom, sis, etc, etc.,(and I would say that even if you didn't post my daughters picks, LOL) We do things the way we KNOW how to do them. Sometimes they work out just great and well... other times not so great! but we move on~ Thank you for the little boost this morning, I needed it! I don't have my head shoved in a chip bag, but instead a box of krispy kremes... o well, bump it!


  2. okay thanks for the cry cause you know i am in the same mood..... you def. dont suck as a friend or mom!!! you have been trying to pull me up for weeks now!!!

  3. I should have said wife too!! lol!!

  4. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous shots. Great job.

    p.s. Having just burned up two eggs and picking up a bag of caramel popcorn that was....LOADED WITH ANTS..and as ants march across my living room and the laundry stacks up, the grass goes uncut and my MAJOR PROJECT GOES UNDONE, I can safely say that I, not you, suck. So please pass me the torch, you're all done sucking.

  5. she could indeed ..what a smile!

  6. Well, we know for sure you don't suck at picking beautiful young ladies to photograph! LOL You don't suck, no matter how much you think so... Sometimes survival is the best we can do, and there just isn't room for being awesome all the time, ya know?

  7. Beautiful pictures.
    I agree with Kate about not having all the time in the world to be awesome every minute. Noah got on the phone the other night with his soon to be step dad (who hasn't seen my place) and told him that he will want to live in a tent when he sees our inside and there is poison ivy outside...because we are too busy doing other things LOL

  8. What a gorgeous girl! And if you suck I suck more, and I'm trying to count the ways that I don't suck and coming up short and YOU'RE NOT HELPING! So let's all agree that none of us suck. Okay? Gosh, I hope there's not a PG-13 rating on this blog. I said "suck" four times. Now five.

  9. Beautiful girl. Wonderful photograph taker!

  10. She is lovely indeed. And the black and white is my fav too!

  11. you did a great job with these shots. Yes, she could be a model-very photogenic young lady!
    Time does fly-Salem Prom was this weekend, and it was amazing to realize how many young ones are about to graduate.

  12. None of y'all suck. And she? Gorgeous! I really like that effect where you left only the blue in and the rest B&W. Very cool.

    I've been feeling especially old lately, too - I work with two women who are newly married and just at that age where they're thinking of starting a family and I realize that's a place I will NEVER be at again. And I'm happy about that - but it just feels like it was so long ago. I guess because it was!