Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saying Sunday

It is Easter, today.. this Sunday. A couple of things have Risen today... my weight for one.. lets not talk about rising things mmm k.. bad topic. Holiday's do that to me and the scale.

Now for this weeks saying "Lord Help Me Baby Jesus!" shortened version LHMBJ!

I probably picked the wrong holiday for this one and probably should have saved the Baby Jesus for Christmas and come up with something about 33 year old Jesus for now but what can I say I never quite do things right, but seriously I am not sure that 33 year old Jesus had a saying I could use... for some reason I just got the vision of 33 year old Jesus walking down the street doing the gangsta point at some dude and saying "word to your mother." I need help. Desperately.

So back to the LHMBJ! This can be used in many many situations... many!

You name it and the Baby Jesus is around to help out... well when you call him anyway.
So give it a try... stub your toe today, don't cuss, send up a little plea for help!

Not only does it feel better it sounds much better than the barrage of curse words you were probably getting ready to spew and quite honestly if you say it in front of the right people it will bring on hysterical fits of laughter because they probably haven't heard that phrase since 1973 when their granny passed away.

So for those of you who get to go spend the day with the extended semi crazy families you have... LHYBJ!!!!!! Me? I wasn't invited, seriously, thanks for that Ma.

Now on to some more fun stuff. Yesterday I went to the Mathews Farmers Market for the very first time. Many because CBW and CWD were going to be hanging out there selling the most beautiful daffy-dils Mathews County has ever seen (See those GORGEOUS daffy-dils that make my Easter table complete? Those are theirs. Perfect I tell ya).
Little did I know I was going to fall in love and vow to go back many more times this summer and speak with and talk to people who bring their "wares" to our little town square to sell.

As I was wandering looking at all the sights and people around, the light bulb came on in my head and I thought to myself Mathews Monday! Perfect!!!! On Monday's I will do a post about something entirely unrelated to the drama that has been following me around the last 38 years, including the large rear end that is also following me and devote that time to something I found right here in Mathews. I already have a couple lined up and have quite a few more ideas in store so stay tuned for Mathews Monday's and "meet" some great people who from time to time stop by these here parts of the world!

Happy Easter All.


  1. So THAT'S what LHMBJ is!! LOL I always see you put it on FB and I always forget to ask. Happy Easter!

  2. LHMBJ (happy version)

    Thank you for the kind words about the 'dils.

    Look forward to the Mathews Mondays.

  3. LHMBJ! You blog has made me spit my coffee all over my desk again!