Friday, April 2, 2010

She needs to get by with a little help from her friends.

Now this doesn't look to bad does it... That is what she thought...

So this morning I was up bright and early and thought to myself let me hop over to see what CBW has been up to.. and low and behold she gave me a shout out... in more ways than one. So I am going to help her out a bit today and fill her in on a few things.
What you see above is NOT a big white spot.. click it.. open it full size. Took it the day I found Bailey who I would not have known was my cousin if this hadn't happened. And she thinks she will be fine if she goes back.. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
1. She is very correct the little swamp she ended up in is in fact the haunted place I have told her about before. She was good to be scared, not of the ghosts but because she only saw FOUR of about 15 stones and one tomb is open and exposed and has a big gigantic hole in it that would have eaten CBW alive, and then she would have had a heart attack and been dead but she would already be buried so I would just take her Daffy-dils from time to time. See I am a good friend.

Gapping hole that is covered over in brush.. but big enough to eat a CBW

2. If she only got as far as the tombstones she had a very very very long ways to walk and that walk gets worse and worse and muddier and muddier and more obstacle coursy. Trees down, large mud holes, alligators, and a bit of quick sand.
It just keeps getting worse and worse.. the traveling that is.

3. CBW would have been INCREDIBLY disappointed when she got to the end and realized her new view was absolutely NO BETTER than from the observation deck.

Bink doesn't particularly like when we visit.
4. It was going to be no better because she didn't say hello to Cousin Bailey on her way down and he wasn't going to let her know where she needed to go.
Hi my sweet cousin.. I will come see you soon.. mm k? Love you baby.

5. I am NOT like Cousin Bailey who just so happens to be an 11 year old little prankster, I help my friends out, this time I am helping by saying.. CALL ME YOU NUT YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!
Just a shot I took of our little place a couple of years ago... the clouds were weird that day.

6. As a side note... I am wondering if I should be sad that CBW was this close to me.. was having trouble.. and didn't even CALL! Hmmm made I should take her back to Bailey!


  1. Well, thank GOODNESS I got out of there when I did. If i had seen 15 tombstones and an open grave in that Scooby Doo swamp, I WOULD have been dead from a heart attack. As it turned out, with all the running and hurdling to get out of there, I da** near had one anyway since I'm so out of shape.

    I'm glad I found the place you've been talking about, though. That was always on my list of things to check out. Maybe next time I'll wait until a drought plus a low tide.

    Thanks for helping me out. I owe ya one.

  2. Spooky! Worth adding to Blogfest tour itinerary? We'll just have take care to keep Grandma J away from that brush-covered OPEN GRAVE.

  3. Next time I'm home I wanna go see it. I used to love (to be scared) riding my bike past the old cemetary on the way to Kate and Mary's house! Does CBW know about that one?

  4. Oh man I've never made it past those first gravestones... too chicken! Any time we wanted to get closer to the lighthouse we went to the beach and walked around the point. Can you still get there that way, or has that marshy part completely cut it off now?

  5. OK .. so I clicked that white patch/rectangle open and I have a HUGE monitor so now I am looking at a HUGE white rectangle with some pale yellow squiggles on the right side ... I embiggened it as much as I could and still nada but a white rectangle and some pale yellow squiggles .. What is it supposed to be?

  6. I'd be more afraid of no-account drifters with chainsaws than little Bailey, I think. ; )