Friday, October 8, 2010

Adventures with kitties...

For those of you who don't know my cat, Kittem was rescued out of a crab pot, very dehydrated and starving, she was but a wee little thing then.

As time has gone on she has grown and flourished and ate the entire end of my sofa scratched up a few things, but alas she is just a sweet baby; one who spends 75% of her time curled up on my bed in a ball and the other 25% of the time divided between howling at whatever it is she is howling at, scratching up my sofa, drinking water straight out the faucet (do not ask) and eating, all in all not such a bad life for a cat who was doomed to starve in a crab pot. (that is the longest sentence in history)

Now lets turn our attention to this little kitty, we will call her Muffin, just for the sake of calling her Muffin. I took this photo of her over a year ago by my neighbors house while trespassing when they weren't home taking photos of their pretty flowers. Muffin was just sitting there under a bush looking at me like I had lost my mind, which is quite possible. I attempted to catch her but my camera was not making very good bait and I didn't have a crab pot handy at the moment so I let her go on her way.

I have heard that Muffin still roams the neighborhood and is all grown up not to mention doing quite well for her self living in a mansion on the hill and driving a convertible Mercedes eating all the fish she can hold from down the dock, and staying warm at night by sneaking in boat cabins for a safe spot to nap. Now while this sounds like the life of luxury for one little stray kitty lets keep in mind that she must get up VERY early in the morning to ensure she is safely off of the boats before the watermen come down to go out for the day, this means one must turn in fairly early if you are going to get enough sleep especially if you spent the day wheeling around town in your Mercedes eating as many fish as you could hold.

This plan works out well for the most part except then THAT day happened, the day that Muffin was awaken by the car alarm on her Mercedes and she knew Kittem was back to take what was rightfully her's the low rumbling sound of the engine and the roll of the boat as it made it's way out of the creek! Muffin quickly thought to herself "How could I have over slept??!!". With a quick glance around the cabin she realized the door was open and there was light from the big ball of fire in the sky still streaming in, "This can't be possible." Muffin thought, as she decided to hunker back further in the cabin to keep out of sight. As she listened to the men discuss their work and what was going on she pieced together that she had not in fact over slept they had decided to go and set one more net!!! "What to do? What to do?" Muffin pondered over and over for what seemed like eternity, and finally that fateful moment occurred when she had no more recourse but to run for it.

Muffin found herself cornered in the cabin, trying desperately to hide from the men on the boat, but as they made their way to where the net was to be set they would be needing their gloves. In Muffin's haste to hide from the men she had backed herself right on to what the men were going to be reaching for next! As the waterman reached down to retrieve his gloves from the dark corner of the cabin Muffin had no choice but to make a break for it. Out of the cabin she ran like a dash causing the watermen to fall on his ass and think he was having a heart attack, up on to the washboard and up on to the dock.... What wait we are almost to the bay.. there IS NO DOCK. Unfortunately for our friend Muffin she figured this out about the same moment she went SPLASH! Muffin in her panic had made the dreadful mistake of jumping straight overboard with land no where in reach, and in her attempt to figure out how to get out of that cold, rough water that kept going over her head, in her ears, and up her nose, she began swimming in circles.

Lucky for Muffin she had one thing going for her, the kind hearted waterman that operated the boat, after he recovered from what he surely thought was a heart attack the shock of having a cat dart at you from the darkness, he went to check on Muffin and see if he could help her. What he
found as he looked for the mysterious diving cat was Muffin struggling to stay afloat, the kind waterman turned the boat around and with in minutes he and the piece of crap the dude that works with him had returned Muffin safely to dry boat where she went and perched on the bow until they were with in 5 foot of the dock where she made a flying leap to dry land and safety.

I haven't seen Muffin since, I betting that she has found a safer place to call home at night and I am sure she is still getting her fill of fish from down the dock, but there has to be some small part of her that wishes she had landed herself in a crab pot when she was just a wee thing.

Just a few more shots of Kittem I took yesterday.


  1. Re, I LOVE the pics of Kittem! And Muffin's story reminded me of the big news a year or so ago in the Sentinel about kittens who were tossed from the Norris Bridge. They were rescued by fishermen below.

  2. Yay for kitties! Mine stay inside and do their best to trip me up, move things, break things, claw things.... you know. Standard cat procedures. LOL

  3. Re, that is such a wonderful post, it ought to be a book with photos ... seriously. xo