Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A touch of fall

Tuesday evening I was coming home from a very important meeting and while cruising down the road while talking on the phone with my mother, (don't ask me what the argument was about, they are so countless I can't remember one from the other anymore and they just all pile up into one big she just plain hates me fest) I noticed the trees looked a bit odd. Me being me I threw the phone on the seat (no I don't think I said goodbye) and frantically slammed on the brakes slowed to a safe speed and found a safe place to pull over.

YankedSlowly removed the camera out of the bag and stood right in the middle of the road on the shoulder of the road out of the way of traffic and took these shots of the odd light on the tree and well someone's house I don't even know.

For some reason I think this particular tree was in the Sun god's favor Tuesday evening.

This is just the same shot toyed with a bit.

Dear People who live here next to Mobjack Farm, I am sorry if I invaded your privacy, I did not mean too but LOOK how pretty this is! The sky was just incredibly pink and gorgeous and looked like marshmallow clouds and gum drops. PS. I may have left a bit of my tire tread in front of your drive way, again, I apologize. Love, ReVogel the one who is not scared to really trespass.

Mrs BlueJ.. hmm or are you Mr BlueJ? I am going with Mrs as you appear to be wearing a boa in this shot and well I am not sure I am comfortable with Drag Queen BlueJs hanging out in my front yard.

Fall is in there air people, so much so I took out my *GASP* fall/winter clothes yesterday and put away all of the shorts and bathing suits and muu muu's until next summer.

The one good thing about fall... I LOVE taking photos of it.


  1. Gorgeous pics, Re, I would have slammedon my brakes too. Would birds wear feather boas or would it be made out of fur or skin? Love the little jay

  2. Your Sisper still doesn't have her change of address picture for the postcard she wants to send. why oh why is that?

  3. That looks like a baby male Jay ... and I think that flaming maple is just amazing.. sort of like you!

  4. ReVogel has far more courage than her other kin.

    I between major rain storms, the sky here lately has been amazing - esp. right at sunset. Great photos, especially that blue jay.