Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I even exist?

I am trying to figure out if I even exist here anymore.
I used to have this funny little witty side to me..
I have lost that.

I need to find that in order to keep this blog alive cause really who wants to read about sadness, upheaval, chaos, and drama all day every day.. hell I don't even want to write about it.

Miss you all much.


  1. but thats what friends are for, to be there in the tough times .. I am sending you hugs and wishing you were closer so you could feel them.

  2. Hang in there Re, it WILL get better. I believe you and I are going through some of the same type of things at the moment. Feel free to shoot me and email anytime, and when I make it down there, we are soooo hitting Happy Hour!

  3. You do exist, you're just going through some... stuff. And if you wanna unload the bad and the ugly right here, we'll read it. Your Blisters are here for you - hang in there!

  4. You would probably be surprised to know that there are a boat load of us out here asking the same questions and struggling with the "To Blog Or Not To Blog" question. I chose not to blog for nearly a year and got back to it. Now I am going through the same crap all over again. I think I have a solution though................

  5. It will all work out Re. It always does. I'll be here for you. You know that. (((hugs)))