Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am here... again...

and it hasn't even been a month yet. Kitty Litter would be proud.

Can I just go on record saying I have a love hate relationship with this time of year?

I adore the season and have deep roots in the reason for the season even if sometimes those roots pop up and go different directions it is still there. My grandparents instilled some great things in me. I adore the lights and the pretty packages and the simple little surprises. Like one of the breakfast girls who surprised us all this morning with tiny stockings filled with the cutest little cocktail thingies (yes that is the proper name of them) for all of us making sure we each had a different set. Those things I love. I love the anticipation of small children and large ones too wondering what Santa will bring. I love the fact that friends try to spend a few extra hours together.

I hate the emotion that comes with it. Hate Hate Hate it. When thing go awry this time of year it hurts even worse. Things are said and feelings are hurt worse. I am sorry for somethings I have done not sorry at all for others but I still hate it.

Please tell me it is close to Christmas Eve so I can pop a cork!!!!!!


  1. Aww, hang in there... only a few more days, but why wait... go ahead, pop that cork!

  2. Oh I agree, love/hate for sure. I think for me it's the shopping part though. I love shopping (Mitch calls it wandering/moseying/menadering/dawddling/etc) I like getting something special for my family and friends, but I hate the deadline~! Maybe I should ask for Christmas lists from everyone in July next year? LOL

  3. Well I say pop the cork before Christmas Eve unless you risk exile from the country for doing so. And even so sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for sanity's sake.

    Second, thank you for the very sweet Christmas card.

    Third, my father has a very wise saying which usually spews forth after 5 o'clock: "Confucious says, 'Don't worry about it.'"

    Something tells me popping a cork is an expeditious way to Confucious, but don't quote me on that.

    Treasure the small wonders and don't worry about the big pains that try to impede happiness and get in the way.

  4. YEAH!!!!! I love/hate it too .. its present envy we Jews get because youse Gentiles always do it so much bigger better ... do not believe the myth about a present a night during Hanukkah, it was a rumor started by a Scientologist

  5. LMAO @ Daryl!!!

    I love the "season and the reason" part as well. I also love to receive cards from The (sweet) Water People!!! ;)

    Try to enjoy the good stuff, and drown yourself in wine to get through the usually works well for me:)

    When are we all going back to Nick's?? Wonder how many folks will try to sit at our table THIS time!!!

  6. I love you qwerks and all!!!

  7. Well Sister Person, we are the same in the emotional state, that's for sure. Had a meltdown on Wednesday and seem to be unable to stop the tears. Which is odd, I am not the crier.
    Thank you for my boxes. Next time, would you pack a few tissues? I kept finding little bits of sweetness in every corner of the boxes. I even cried when telling Barbara about the boxes. I'm all teary eyed typing about the boxes.

    I love you!
    Your Sister Person with swollen eyes and blotchy skin

  8. Right there with you RE-I say go ahead and pop that cork! I know I am! Our next get together is when? I think a night of laugher is in order! Plus I owe you a glass of wine!

  9. You should pop a cork nightly. It's an order from Mama.