Monday, December 28, 2009

What happens when water people hook up....

People have fun that's what!!!!!

Please excuse the weird color tones.. my printer has gone NUTS and is printing everything VERY I had to lighten this to even get it to print so you could see it... damn it.

This one was cute.. even if I do look like rudolph with the bright light flying off my nose..

Ok if you can't smile with these two around... you have a serious case of the GRUMPIES.. which no one seemed to have yesterday.

GROUP HUG!!! lol

I would explain that... but well.. yea.. can't.
Even Little waterpeople found things to do ..
Yes we planned the matching colors... so did BHE and Noe Noe.. look above .. LOL
And last but NOT least.... we were SEXY SOME in the wonky teeth.. I think the waterman hit on one of the other girls.. but I believe night time and a paper bag were mentioned and even then it was iffy....



  1. Ok, I could have gone without seeing that pic of myself. I see you captured the real me.

    Great to finally meet you guys yesterday.

  2. What would a gathering BE without wonky teeth and paper bags?? Bwahahahaha!!!

    It was a wonderful day that ended MUCH too soon:(

  3. LOVED it. Also love your first two photos, they're priceless. We must do this again. Regularly. And soon.

  4. Those photos are all wonderful .. I think he's right, you caught the REAL Cool Breeze ... and I never saw more beautiful women even with your wonky teeth

    I. Can. Not. Wait. Til. Feb.

  5. i was gonna say something but i will call instead!!

  6. Oh my gosh! Love the pictures! How wonderful that you can all get together...

  7. Silly me. Didn't know you had this blog. Gah!
    Love that first photo. And Happy New Year to you.