Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a little late.... as usual...

Scenes of the Season....

In typical Re fashion.. I am posting pictures of my holiday close to 5 days later. What can I say it is just how I am! I figured today would be a good day to post these shots as I am taking down the "stuff" today and this will be my final HOORA for the Christmas part of it. So today... you get to view a Waterwife's Christmas.. yippie fun I know...

I took this Christmas morning when I was the only one awake.. I don't think I slept all night. I was more excited than the kids!

I then peeked out the door and saw the MOST gorgeous sky... my present.. a pink and orange sky... sisters even in nature...

I walked in the house to find a mummy laying on my sofa... poor guy... I woke him up at 4 am.. we didn't go to bed until 2 am...

Yea I am shocked at this shot.. NOT!!!!! dang kid people will start to think your face melted off or something!!!!

Before the kids got to it... how did the present stack end up the size of the tree????

De.. she loved all of her things even if I was working off of a BLANK LIST... good mommy I am.
Cousins.... my beautiful niece and daughter snuggling up with Waterman waiting for present time...
Upside down guitars.... not sure why they put the amps in the TOP of the box when it says to leave the heavy end down.. weird.
Binks stocking.... see the fox.. that comes into play later...
Niece who happens to LOVE shoes... any shoe all shoes.. but even more so expensive ones with heels.
STUPID DOG... if you just sit here and look pretty someone will SHOW you everything you got...

Brother Ken.... You can take the the fox hunter out of the woods but you can't take the fox hunter out of my daddy... really the dogs toy??? Give her that back..

This was MY Christmas present from Drake... I believe the quote was... I will stand here but you better get it right the first time cause you get one shot. Nice kid... but as you can see he DOES have a face..



  1. Great pics! Love your tree. Looks like a great day was had by all!
    See you soon!

  2. What fun .. my sister was like your little niece and guess what? She now only buys cheap shoes .. seriously .. the woman owns the ugliest shoes for someone who was so in love with them as a tot ...

  3. LOL! Binky made out like a bandit! Wonderful shots! Did you have any hush puppies?

  4. great pics! love the sky!!!!!

  5. Looks like a happy Christmas. Your niece in the boots is precious.

    What did y'all eat? Speaking of eating, if I also ask for hush puppies, will you make us some? I promise I'll mail Mental Mamma her portion. Promise.

  6. I wish my stuff was down but someone wanted a detached garage and its sooo cold and muddy i dont want to go get the boxes!!!


    Happy I signed