Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toes in the water ass in the sand....

Ok fine my toes are actually on a dash board but the point is.. on Friday the last day of the year 2009 is the last holiday that I care to celebrate until Island Time... so I want to skip the rest of the cold months please.

Granted I have about 50 lbs of work to do in those cold months but if we can make the cold disappear maybe we can work that magic on the spare tire I am sick of carrying around with me. There is always hope right.. of course.. where there is wine there is hope! That could also be drunken stupidity but I prefer to call it hope that is just much nicer to say.

As I sit here and try to figure out what else to say about hope and not coming up with a damn thing..... and after spending 15 minutes bitching to Kitty Litter about my lack of inspiration this morning I realize that Kitty Litter has a new beach chair for Island Time one that I had hoped to try out for myself (you never know when you will fall in love with a good beach chair) I also seem to remember that she very specifically stated that my ass was NOT to plop itself in it.... I am starting to think that some other people need to get to hoping... hoping that I don't hold that against them or they will be making baconless BLT's on their cute little table all alone.



  1. I am not sure when Island Time actually is but if its warmer than it is here now, I am there ... brrrr ... xo

  2. I will share the table NOT the chair tho they are connected and possibly the boat to the island need be as long as you ass and the bacon are there cause after this past summer it would not be sunday funday without you and your perfect toes execpt for the one sunday of singing here on the deck!!! Bring on the no worries and beer in hand days!!!


  3. Ok we gotta get to NYC and back first! But I am looking forward to some Bud's Beach time!

  4. It may be cold in NYC/Feb, but after that it will be a month or so until spring. Bring it on, I hate this dark, cold mess.

  5. Island Time? I like the sound of that right about now....

  6. Happy New Year, Ann Marie.

    I must say you have cute piggies!

    See you at Blog Fest '10