Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It is cold around these parts....

and by parts I mean 2/3rds of the country according to Al. I love Al... Al is great... quite honestly the funniest weatherman ever. Unless of course we discuss his predecessor Willard who was just as if not funnier .. oh crap random rambling again...

Ok.. so you see the picture up there.. that is not beach foam which I find to be gross by the way.. that there be ICE solid enough to walk on... Harper's Creek where the light house thingimebob is. Which means we are talking salt water which in case you didn't know is harder to freeze than unsalted water (why I don't know but according to the Waterman it is and quite honestly it is too cold to even bother googling it and I really don't care) The ice does extend quite a ways from the shore which is not something that happens frequently. Makes me wonder how cold of a winter we are going to have...

There was ice formed in other places ...
...such as at the mouth of the creek where SOME PEOPLE have to go through to get to work; mainly the Waterman and his counter parts. Yesterday he took the fiber glass boat out there and broke it up so that he could go to work today, this morning he went and broke the ice out from around the boats farther up the creek so those boys could get out as well. Nice isn't he? But now they are out there in the bay working and as long as they do not call me to report they can't get back IN the creek and someone needs to go out there and break it up all will be well.

I guess what I am trying to say is... IT IS FRIGGIN COLD! So.. SCREW IT.. I think I will go hang out with these two as much as I can this winter, drink wine, laugh uncontrollably and just stay warm!

Anyone wanna join me???


  1. I would be there in a nano sec but I have to work .. GAH

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  3. bahaha it better be that bourbon with honey for me:) who is this jason he is everywhere today??

  4. I would love to join you! Unfortunately, I'm not from around these parts! But I finally have you in my blog reader... so carry on!