Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silent Sunday....

Only I am not feeling silent.. I am feeling more like this little shoe.

Why is it after deciding what we are going to write about and lay it all out in our heads that WHAM SOMETHING comes along and sucks those words right away?

I think today it was the realization that today .. toDAY... TODAY.. the next 22 hours 17 minutes and 10 seconds is all that is left of my vacation! School and work again tomorrow... that grind stone thing and all. It also happens to be the last 22 hours 16 minutes and 45 seconds that I am going to eat like my ass isn't the size of of the good year blimp but that I am rather looking forward to. I have goals for June 2010... not resolutions cause I always resolve not to compelte those.. GOALS.

Ramble Ramble Ramble...

Yea I know what the hell does a tiny little baby shoe have to do with any of this, right?? Well I will tell you .. nothing. Not a thing in the world other than that little shoe is sitting there all dirty, scared, cold, alone, tossed aside, and a little mildewy.. and I seriously wish someone would come along dust me off, set me up right, find my mate and maybe put us beside a heater. (the mildewy part doesn't apply)

Side Note: This little shoe is brought to you by the Halloween spooky stories that got sucked out of me.... it was too sad to just leave sitting there... it needed a home.

So much for that silent thing.


  1. I think its about baby steps. Resolutions are for beginners .. make a promise to yourself that you will treat yourself nicer this year ... you wouldn't break a promise to yourself, would you? xo

  2. New directions and new friends for lunch? Can I have another "grown up" grilled cheese sandwich please?