Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday CndTurtl!!!!

On New Years Eve the Oldest Waterboy.. who hates the water by the way.. turned 18. Since he is now 18 I won't call him Oldest Waterboy anymore and just call him the CndTurtl which says exactly what it looks like it says.. CANNED TURTLE. It's his gaming name (for you redneck chicks like me that would be a cb handle but for gaming not cb's)

So for his birthday he decided he wanted to get his buddies together and have a gaming party.

This is what it looks like when about a quarter of the stuff is set up (I don't have a picture of all of it but lets just say I was concerned that the lights were going to go out in town.. they didn't thank goodness). Even Baby Waterboy and Little T aka her kid were included in the warfare gaming.

This is what one of the things I brought him looked like after being in his hands for 60 seconds.. the CndTurtl happens to LOVE chocolate... (look to your right you will see where the name came from)

I HAVE TO SAY THIS.... I am beyond proud of this kid.. he is amazing and sweet and smart and kind and doesn't take after me at all and cute and works hard and ready to take on the world and ... and... and... and.... (I could keep doing ANDS on this kid forever but I will spare the blogsphere but you get the point) AND I love him to pieces!!!!

Even if he was the one that taught Baby Waterboy THIS!!!!!!!!

I love you Bud!


  1. Happy belated birthday to your oldest. I think I want a gaming party for my birthday along with all that chocolate. Hold the canned turtle.

  2. Happy Birthday, CT!!! My SW turns 18 in less than a month.

    **sniff, sniff** Please pass the tissues.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Cheerleader girl turns 18 in march :( Lord help us all!

  4. Happy Birthday CT!
    My Little T THINKS he's 18!
    When that happens maybe I will call him "Cnd Tuna".

  5. W00t! Happy B-Day CT;) But, I don't see any deviled eggs anywhere....

  6. did you by canned turtle in the county?

  7. Happy Birthday Canned Turtle (... I thought it was SAND Turtle .. C and .. sand .. okay... shark!!!!!!)

    How fun he included Little T and Baby Waterboy in the festivities ...