Saturday, January 2, 2010

My new home...

I know the two people who read this some of you are sitting there going ok this LOOKS the same why has she moved.. why is the other one shut down .. I don't understand.. I am confused... all very good things to be thinking, wondering, feeling, and I will in fact answer those questions. And if I don't PLEASE leave a comment and I will try to answer anything I missed as well...

1. It LOOKS the same because I just a few minutes ago threw Photoshop out the window and gave up recreating a background with the photo I WANTED to use on my new blog. Have I mentioned I HATE Photoshop??? It is a mutual feeling it HATES me too. So we are stuck with the lighthouse and the water.. sigh. At least until I drink a bottle or two of wine and figure out what it is that I am doing wrong while sober. Yes it is after 11 and I have not opened a bottle of wine yet... Some days are just like that, don't get me wrong I wanted to pop the cork at 9:30 am about 2 minutes after I woke up but I didn't.

2. But what you will see is different is the name. That was the whole reason for a change so the lighthouse thing is just meerly an annoyance not a huge issue. (I will get back to that light house in a minute and tell you why it is annoying but for now the name) I was having a hard time writing on a blog with the name of The life of a Waterman's Wife I felt that there was some expectation of what it really is like to be married to this man and I am sorry but I would prefer not to emotionally vomit on the blogsphere, I felt there was some expectation of writing something about the water which I just don't feel like doing all the time, I just felt like I didn't belong there I suppose that is the bottom line. The waterman's wife did not describe me and it deminished me to being someones something... I am sick and damned tired of being someone something.. all my life I have been So and So's daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother... (not that I don't love most of the So and So's .. some could in fact get lost and I be ok with it but that is another story for another day) anyhoo back to sick and tired.... I refuse.. SIMPLY REFUSE to be anything other than me.. Ann Marie.. Re if you please (please do I like that one best). So you see the blog thewatermanswife had to VAMOOSE... and it did and now you will find yourself here in the world of Hillbilly Gothic.

It is not lost on me that there is a book with the same title about postpartum depression, however, this blog is not about that unless PPD can last 18 years I don't think that is my problem I think my problem is that I am simply crazy. My version of Hillbilly Gothic is a bit different than discussing and defining depression in some back woods West Virigina town.. mine is about me... all about me. I could have named it Redneck Gothic but that just isn't nearly as catching I don't think and the title just describes the very vast and wide range of situations that I find myself in.. So just roll with it ok..

The lighthouse... while I love that structure and would do just about anything to get the perfect shot of it (some say I have already suceeded) I just can't bare looking at it right now. That light house was in fact built and kept by one of my ancestors and watching it now and seeing the lean and the need of repair is just more than my swiss cheese brain can deal with at the moment.. there are just too many parrells with my life but well.. I have decided I just won't LOOK at my blog so that should help.

I do realize I have rambled on a bit and that is nothing really new for me and I don't think that will be left behind because random rambling is what I do best. I am going to close by introducing you to me...

Meet Me...Ann Marie.. Re...


  1. I think this is a wonderful way to kick off 2010. I hope you are okay, and I cannot wait until February!

  2. I like your new name and love knowing that it is the same Ann Marie! And I love the picture of you and Binky, the dog that doesn't love me!

  3. Good for you. Happy New Year, and see you at Blog Fest Ann Marie!

  4. Re .. 41 days till NYC .. and I hate fucking hate PS Elements so I am sure I would fucking hate PS even more if I had it ... GAH all that layering crap .. go to and use its editing tools much easier.

    BTW I switched the link and when I got here there was no lighthouse or any background at all .. when I scrolled down to see where the comments go .. I click 'read more' and magically the background/lighthouse was here .. weird huh

    41 days and counting!

  5. Good to see you here! Hope everything's ok for you. I'm changing my link to you now! See you in February, my friend.

  6. Silly me... didn't turn on comments so I had NO IDEA I even had any LOL... I think I got it fixed now .. this is a test simply a test go back to your regularly scheduled madness.

  7. Oh, be still my heart. For a minute, I thought you were the ex waterman's wife and thought you'd split up or something. So many couples do at this time of year.
    Glad to see it's still you. I am sorry you hate PS. Truly. I know it's confusing. But I also know that I used it on that beautiful photo of you, the bottom one on this post. My favorite photo of you.

    Until February, then . . .

  8. New Year. New Look. I like it!

    It was GREAT to see you last night. Hope today is a better day:)

  9. How exciting to see, at the beginning of a New Year, a new Re!! It's kind of liberating when you start to refuse being just a descriptor, non? (so sayeth the person who is hiding behind a ridiculous title herself...).

    But I'm sure that those who know you well have always known you were so much more than that.

    Welcome, HG!

  10. okay you got a friend request but i woke up to a personal message......i like to shit myself!!!OMG!!!!Little ole me just hours after joining facebook.....owwwww sooo sweet still looking the same.....

    vw heeza to funny