Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RE'Sycled Wednesday

She has been gone over two years now and I still miss her tremendously.
Til we meet again Binky Boo...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's put this in Perspective...

My dog and the phone are just about the same size!!! She is being such a good little girl, she is trying so hard to go potty where she is supposed to!!! I can completely understand why she isn't liking the paper training thing.. she gets her feet wet! I am sorry but peeing on your own feet is NOT acceptable! Especially for such a little princess. I am trying alternate things and will see what happens.

The infamous "THEY" say that these little dogs are one people dogs but I can honestly say she loves her Mommy and Daddy equally. She spends part of the time snuggled up to me while I am either on the computer or knitting and part of the time with her Daddy while he is snoring or eating. I think she got seriously afraid something was wrong with him yesterday when he fell asleep on the sofa and started snoring. She stood in the floor in front of him whining and then jumped up on the sofa and snuggled down and took a nap herself.

I have also decided that in order to get REALLY REALLY good sleep one must learn to sleep like this!!!

In knitting news.. I have done more rip rip rip than knit knit knit. When I actually get past row 3 on something I will show it to you, until then you only get pictures of the Baby.

I am also a little worried because the REAL 9 year old baby comes home on Saturday from FL. I am sure there will be good pics of him then, but what is he going to think about not being the BABY anymore. And is it possible to teach a 9 year old to play GENTLY with something so small???


  1. Feeling your loss - it's been almost a year for us. Hugs

  2. Pokie will have been gone a year in September. My year was sucky to begin with, then I lost my friend of almost 12 years. House still feels empty without her.

  3. Wait. I'm confused. Was Binky Boo before Binky? I cannot wait to get back down there!

  4. The only down side to having a dog own you...