Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ILanEnHell she is posting!

Thank the Lord Above for THIS WOMAN.. Because I was about a day away from closing all of the blogs that I was ever a part of.. delete delete delete because there was nothing to say that did not involve a whine, a whimper, or a full out sob.

I did not start a blog to throw my life out here in the blogsphere (at least not the bad parts anyway) and even though some have claimed it to be therapeutic or redeeming those some did not make their home in the itty bitty town on the South Eastern Side of Virginia know as Mathews. I did.. and people already know enough. I call them Nosy Ole Biddies... some of them aren't really Old at all but they deserve it.

Nosy Ole Biddies is a loving little term I use to describe anyone and anything that just happens to try to get too close to my life when I don't want them to. My mother is one of these... and I call her a Biddie when I am being nice.. a Bat when I am not so nice... and a B (oh well we don't need to go there) let's just say she gets that when I am REALLY REALLY mad!

My little bit of fodder for the day is what phrases and terms did you grow up with that just really make not one bit of sense at all... again if it weren't for HER and her reference to Clippin Clear (which I personally have never heard) I would not be here right now filling the blogsphere full of useless phrases that no one but a Mathewsian would ever understand and technically half of them don't understand it unless they live East of Port Haywood. So let's begin why don't we with a little Mathews County Dictionary.

ILanEnHell - (most of the time this is followed by Bubba but not always .. just an option) the meaning of this little word is that something has happened that has caused excitement be it good or bad... Example of Conversation: Statement: "BubbaJimmyJohn I got the daggummed rope caught in the wheel!: Reply: "Ilanenhell Bubba put a foot of rope in the water and you gonna find it!"

Slap Full or Chuc Full - Just means that it is VERY full.. I don't particularlly like either of these phrases, a girl I knew used them to death and it just freaked me out. The end.

Oh You All! - another excited term. Example of a conversation Statment " I stumbled in the door last night drunk as a fart trying to be quiet apparently I had a coat hanger on my head.. when mama turned on the light all of New Point heard her holler OH YOU ALL!" FYI when stating OH YOU ALL.. the all can be as few as no people and as many as you can count.

A Buck Two Ninety Eight - this would be the response to anyone inquiring about the cost of something or the worth of something when you just don't want to say.. it is used quite frequently to describe a worthless something. Example : I tried to return my husband to the store and they offered me a buck two ninety eight.

I reckon - It means I suppose so or I guess... Statment: "I reckon I better get up and get some work done."

Don't that beat all. Another excitement or disbelief statement Statment: "Susie May just left Bubba for Daisy Sue.. don't that beat all??"

So there ya have it folks some of Mathews finest phrases.. got more.. add them... cause I could go on all day.

Now lets use some of the words and phrase to put comments on these few photos of the snow.

Ilanenhell it looks like that boat is Choc Full of SNOW.
Oh You ALL! That IS a lot of snow.

If some one doesn't move those crab pots they are going to be worth about a buck two ninety eight!

I reckon you better go find a shovel and work on getting that outta there.

She left me down here to shovel all that snow out of here even after the news said I could have a heart attack.. Don't that beat all??


  1. Wurse 'n Turble = REALLY Bad

    One more week....;)

  2. A dollar three eighty is what my dad always said things were worth and I dont think he was ever in VA....

    OTOH .. my step daughter explained that when someone South of the Mason Dixon says Bless Your Heart they are really saying ''how stupid are you''

    My favorite expression is a single word repeated many times quickly .. and I am sure you will hear me say it many times while you are here ... dont that beat all?!

  3. My dad's biggest cuss (until he picked up golfing at the tender age of 75): "I'm so mad I could spit cotton!" 'Bout as good as it gets!
    See you a week from tomorrow.

  4. Oh stop it. You have plenty of topics to talk about, you just don't realize it.

    Having dated a waterman myself for nigh on 2-3 years, many of these are familiar, though not all.

    I reckon it's possible to have a heart attack while shoveling snow, but instead I almost threw out my back taking the hoe to my steps and sidewalk. Don't that beat all, taking a hoe to a sidewalk? To assist with the pain, my wine rack is chock-a-block full.

    I lay in hell--one week from tomorrow we're outta here, Buddy Rowe.

  5. This is the second time trying to post this, so sorry if it's a repeat. Just wanted to clarify that I dated the waterman in high school, thousands of years ago.

  6. Don't you dare close down! I was so excited when I saw your post in my reader!

    Our local phrases consist of coffee slang... double tall skinny half caf with room.

    Or lies about the weather, wherein it can be pouring down rain and the observations that "it's just a mist".

    I reckon living near the sound is similar to living near the Chesapeake in that regard!

    Now, go have fun in New York with some of my favorite people. I'll see you in July! Shelley and I are buying our plane tickets this week! Yee Haw!

  7. "bumpit".... No not the hair thingymabob, my version of "F^& It"