Friday, June 8, 2007

I am seriously ok

Ok.. I am never ok.. because my brain doesn't work that way.
I was out of town again and today was NUTS at work and then I picked up the Middle Child from school and been hanging out with her all evening..

I promise a full report of the goings ons tomorrow..

SMOOCHES to the ones who came looking for me!!!

Katy you get double smooches for asking!!


  1. I just figured you were busy resting up after all that studying. Or not quite obsessive as uh, say, me, with blogging every single day because you may have a life.

  2. See, Monkling and I should get TRIPLE smooches because we both declined to "bother" you because we thought you were SOOOOO busy with your self-paced courses. I mean, really, how much more considerate can your friends be? HAHAHA!

    Seriously, I am so glad you posted; I checked in multiple times every day and have been missing you. Just me, or was it kind of a WEIRD week? Anyway...can't wait for the full report of your goings-on!

    Big smooch to you!

  3. I guess some people do have a life outside of the computer. I get home from work and check everyone to see what is going on. Pathetic? I have 3 teenagers living at my house so I really do get limited time on the computer, but somehow that doesn't stop me from my bloggy friends, even Kim (who is wonderful by the way) who is trying to steal my smooches.

  4. Okay, now it is "tomorrow" and there is no full report of the goings on! Let it be known right now that I am looking for you, and I will keep on looking for you until you post the full report! Because I miss you when you're not here. But hope you're having lots of fun.

    Now, I think I've earned my very own triple smooches, without stealing anything from Katy. HAHA! Have you ever felt so popular, Mrs. Waterman? We love ya, and compete for your smooches. Yeah, we are pathetic!!! HAHAHA!

    Really, miss ya!