Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not Surprising to me..

I am a day late with my report..

I am sad to say there is no particular reason really. Well today I have a good reason. I have laid in bed all day and done NOTHING. The poor Waterman was left to make dinner again tonight. Granted it was wonderful as usual. He made me and the Dude hamburgers on our new grill. ACTUALLY the Waterman has grilled dinner EVERY NIGHT this weekend. I have only cooked the sides. I love this man!!

My daughter spent the weekend with us and that was very nice. Friday and Saturday we went out on the boat and both nights she and I watched TV together until dozing off on the sofas. She is such a great kid, although a bit of a channel flipper which I totally HATE!!! I actually hid it from her for awhile today.

I really have more to say but .. I have not felt well all day and I am going to bed.

Triple Smooches to Kim.. doubles to the rest of you!

I have news but you are going to have to come back to find out what it is..


  1. What? We have to wait an entire day for the news? Geez, talk about those cliff hanger endings...

  2. Not to mention the smooch war you are about to start.

  3. I hope you feel better really soon. I can't wait to read what your news is?? Waiting in patient anticipation here....NICE though that you got to spend a great weekend with your family. :-)

  4. Are you pregnant?! Just joking, but I just had to say that!

    I FINALLY got my triple smooches! YAY! Katy, in an effort to avert a smooch war and because I heart ya so much, I will give you 1/2 of a smooch. That will put us both at 2-1/2 smooches. Am I diplomatic or what? HAHAHA! How much fun has this been. I personally am a little too free and easy with my smooches, so they probably don't mean as much...HAHA!

    Gotta love a Waterman who is good with a grill! And spending two days in a row out on a boat with loved ones? Ah, heaven! Now just feel better, girl!

  5. Hey Ya Ya... Jerada was looking through pics the other night and asked who the pic was and Brayden looked at her like she was an idiot and 'Ya Ya!' Can't wait to see you! Love you.. Kell