Monday, June 4, 2007

You just can't make this stuff up!!!

I read this today in one of our local weekly papers.. that is right WEEKLY.. we aren't even big enough to have a Daily Paper and when this town gets on the news they NEVER EVER pronouce the names of the neighborhoods correctly.

But this little ad amused me to the point I snorted!

BEDSIDE COMMODE. Invacare. Model 9630 Adjustable Height, Appears Unused. $35 OBO.

I don't know about you but because it is Model 9630 and not 8345 and since it APPEARS unused I think I will offer $50!!!


  1. I'd love to know exactly what "appears unused" means. Was there a picture with the ad. Something like that deserves a photo.

  2. Acutally if it WERE Model 8345 and USED you might have to double that price. Did you at least call to inquire? You have the perfect Southern Granny voice to do so.

    If you are going back to school, does that mean I might have to do more homework?

  3. In light of the fact that it is the adjustable height, which means that no one will have to sit there with their little feet dangling, I think $50 would be a good offer. That it also appears to be unused (which makes me wonder--if the person who was supposed to use the commode didn't, then where did that person end up doing their commode-needing business?); well, I'd say that's worth at least an extra $5. I'd still Lysol it down real good, though, and that stuff ain't cheap. So, yeah, back to $50, factoring in the cost of Lysol. Yup, $50 seems to be the "OBO." :)

  4. Those things are expensive, though I would want to see for myself that there aren't any stains.
    Where are you? One would think you have a life apart from our little blogging world.