Sunday, June 24, 2007

I wish..

it were more exciting but the truth is i have just been busy.

I went to Chicago for three days, then worked two more, then had a tooth out, then took the the Dude to NC for the week coming up.. just have been going going going.

Orientation was Thrusday night for school and that starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to it greatly but just a little scared at the same time.

right now.. it is Sunday afternoon I am childless and I think I am going to take another nap!!!!

But I am alive :)


  1. Yeah, and once those classes start, the blogging will really drop off, eh? Nah, then you'll have interesting stories about school.

  2. Oh my hell, a tooth out? Definitely, LOTS of naps. Cause once you start school, those will just be a happy memory. HA! Can't wait for the school stories.

  3. A tooth out? What? Why? Are you getting an implant?

  4. I hope school is going well. I am still jealous that you have the guts to go to school. I'm such a wimp!