Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So here is what is going on in my world..

I have been MIA again.
My 9 year old graduates from grade school this week.. fun stuff for us. He has a ceremony tomorrow morning so I get to get dressed up.

I have been working a lot had some issues to deal with and such.

Having my daughter last weekend was WONDERFUL we had a great time.. she is such a great kid.

School is approved and I go next week to finalize everything and do oreintaion (maybe I should learn to spell that word)

Here is my secret. I am on a new diet.. I hate that word I want to use program so from here on out if I mean "my program" you will know I am referring to the way I am eating. I will tell you if the program is going good.. or not so good. I will not tell you how much I weigh or how much I want to lose. That I will save for goal day.

I know I have not posted pictures of what I REALLY look like on here and my weight is a good reason why but on goal day I will post a before and after picture. And then I will tell you how I did it. I will say this for now. It does not include any surgery or any kind of medication.

PSA.. THE FOLLOWING IS NASTY!!!! Not in a sexual kind of way but a POOPY kind of way..

Speaking of diet medication, Alli goes on sale today or tomorrow. People are raving about it. I am very sorry but there is NO WAY i could rave over something that caused.. Look away now if you get quimish ANAL LEAKAGE!! Apparently from the reports I have read and heard on TV this medication blocks fat and if you consume fat it has to go somewhere and it is SUPPOSED to go out in waste. Ok I get that makes sense to me. THEN they say if you consume just a little too much fat that it will LEAK OUT prior to waste time. I am sorry but I think I would KNOW if I was LEAKING!!! Oh and also it could cause SEVERE diaherrea like in the middle of a store and you CANT make it to the bathroom. WHO WOULD PUT THEIRSELVES IN THAT SITUATION for the expected weight loss of 1 pound a WEEK and that is IF you follow a diet and excercise program. for the life of me I can't find the benefit in it other than maybe you won't eat fatty foods out of fear of POOPING IN PUBLIC!!!

oh. if any of you are thinking of trying Alli.. I am sorry.. but this IS my blog and THOSE are my thoughts.

Anal leakage.. just ew.

ok.. so back to the regularly scheduled me.

Please don't think I am hiding anything from you guys.. I love you all you know that. I just want this to work for me and I am using the "unveiling" of myself to you guys as motivation!! So please bare with me and be supportive of my secretive little program.

Oh and to my lovely sister.. I may tell you what I am doing and you will see the progress because I will SEE you BUT you have to promise not to post about it on your blog.. some of my regulars have been known to hop over and see how you are and what you are up to! LHK


  1. Good for you, Ann Marie; you will do just fine with this. And it is your right to keep the details to yourself until you're darn good and ready to divulge them! How much you weigh right now is not important to me; the only thing that matters is, if it bothers you then you should do something about it and you are! Again, GOOD FOR YOU!

    Let me just say this right here and right now, for once and for all. I am FAT. Much fatter than anyone I know. Not 20 lbs. overweight, not even 50 lbs. overweight. And ya know what? At this point in my life, I could NOT CARE LESS. I have been every size under the sun; I have starved myself, I have puked, I have taken laxatives and diet pills that made my head tingle and made me think I could feel my hair grow--strand-by-strand, no less. So, for right now, I don't care that I'm fat. I might at some time in the future, but right now it doesn't bother me. However, I am all in favor of doing something about anything that makes one feel miserable and/or like less of a person. So I applaud you, my friend, and am behind you all the way!

    I've heard of that Alli stuff, and I agree...EWWWWW! It's bad enough that as you age, it is possible to pee your pants just laughing or sneezing. Anal leakage? I don't think so! And I'll bet you have to pay a huge price tag for the possibility of pooping your pants in public, too! For those who don't mind taking the chance, great, go for it. Me? You just know I'D BE THE ONE pooping in public :)! HAHAHAHA! EWWWWWW!

    Just happy to hear from you, and I'm sending good thoughts for your success with your program.

  2. Hey, that is so funny--we were commenting to each other at the same time!

    I have missed you like crazy, but did not want to be too intrusive if you were feeling really sick or something! You make my life much happier with your comments.

    I think my headache is a result of just wanting to stay home from work and just "drop out" for a while. Of course, now I'm lonesome cause I've had no human interaction for a couple of days. HUH? I'm sure Target would ban me from their store....HAHAHA!

  3. Is that all? And here I was hoping you were going to tell us a deep, dark secret.

    Seriously, using the blog as motivation is a good idea. You have readers who will offer support and that always is a help. I'm using my blog for a slightly different sort of motivation & it's helped enormously.

    I read about that diet Rx & was thinking the exact same things as you. Hey, I guess they can run out and buy Depends...

  4. I wish you all the best in your quest to be a bit thinner! I have my own battles that I fight with the bulge on a daily basis. I wish there was such a thing as a quick fix, but there is none. I can't imagine taking anything with such a horrible consequence as the one you have mentioned here. I have thought about sewing my lips shut though...but I have been known to inhale food so that wouldn't work I don't think, at least not in the long term! For now it's just willpower and the Food Doctor. So far I'm winning. Finger crossed!

  5. Hey there, lady! Just stopping by to say a quick "hi" and to tell you you're already looking better! :) YOU CAN DO IT!

  6. Well I am glad to see you are fine. I hope your program is just the thing you need to feel healthy. I will be reading regularly to get a little motivation from you....I really need it. (crap I just got cheetos crumbs in the keyboard)

  7. Hey! I'm commenting as you. Why is that? I think I'm logged in somewhere as you. That's funny.

    Do tell!

    I've lost 5 pounds. I'll share my secret if you share yours. Maybe we can trade clothes again, wouldn't that be fun! That would be a good goal for both of us.

  8. Hmmm... Ann Marie talking to herself, eh?