Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ok so maybe I am pretty smart.

Smarter than a 5th grader at least.

I passed my test with flying colors which is also why have been MIA the last four days. I am working on knocking out as many self paced courses as I can between now and June 25th. That is when my not self paced classes start. Nothing to hard to start with. Some kind of Math and Business Law 101. I could probably test out of the Math but I need it to be my starter class.

I hope you are all doing well.. blog reading has halted the same as blog writing.. I am trying to play a little catch up tonight!


  1. I was so happy to see your post; I've been wondering how it's all been going! SEE, I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD BE JUST FINE! Good for you, girlfriend! Thanks for offering to work out your frustrations on my behalf--HA! I think that was a good compliment :)? Because we all know how good I am at figuring people out lately. HAHAHA! Are there any classes for playing well with others? :)

  2. Math & Business Law are easy, starter classes? Geez, you're another one like my husband & kids. You probably think math is fun, too. The idea of going back to school is enough to give me hives, which is why I have so much admiration for you.

  3. You can unload your emotional mess on me anytime. I have a feeling that your kids know they are safe and someone is always there for them no matter what.
    I just noticed the beautiful pictures on your flicker thingy (that's a technical term for all you newbies) and I love love the ones of the water. The one with the white chairs and the sky and water is so great. I think I am having beach withdrawl. My family goes to the beach in NC every June and they are there now. We join them when finances and time allows and we did get to go last year for the first time in 8 years and I miss it so....I guess I will take the camper to the lake this year and shut my eyes and pretend.
    That is interesting to know about the brain. I can see that because so many people I know don't seem to grow up and make smart decisions until about 25.

  4. I just wanted to say it again...I love your pictures. I live in Southern Ohio and you can only take so many pictures of trees before it gets a little old. I just bought a new Nikon D40 camera and I want to take more pictures but I have to find new things to take pictures of. The Ohio river is close but it is so nasty....

  5. Maybe after you're done with all that school stuff & get that degree (that is what you're going for, no?) you need to reward yourself with a trip to NY.

  6. I knew you could do it! You should feel very proud of yourself! I'm really happy for you! :-) Now starts a new adventure!