Monday, April 9, 2007

It's a Girl!!!!

This probably isn't the best picture I could get but it will have to do for now. The little thing is exhausted as well as ME! Wow.. what a drive to pick up something sooo tiny! She has a name, The Waterman named her, he went completely out in left field for her name and picked nothing that we had discussed but in his normal fashion he saw her for 5 seconds and had her named. She will forever be now known as Binky. Granted she does LOOK like a Binky so it works well.

I took her in to see her brother this afternoon and she is HALF his size!!! Did you see what I said? HALF!!! She is the tiniest little thing I have ever seen.

We also went shopping today in true girl fashion and she picked out the following:
Pink Collar
Pink Harness Collar
Pink Leash
Iams Smart Puppy food.
Natural Blend training treats
Pink and Blue Lamb (or it may be an ant eater we really aren't sure)
Hot Dog squeeky toy for her brother
Purple and Gold Carrying bag (that truly looks like a pocket book)

I think she did very well for her first shopping experience. And she was sooo very good in the store. She didn't even bite or growl at the three people that said.. Oh what a cute Chihuahua!

In case you are wondering she is a Tiny Toy Rat Terrier, with very large ears!

More pictures tomorrow.. we are going to take a nap!!!


  1. I can't say I love the name. HATE it when people call pacifers by that name. And all I associate is a pacifer. Blinky? Maybe Pinky since you bought all that pink stuff?

  2. My son called his pacifier 'Binky' and I will have you know it was totally ADORABLE!! You would have totally agreed and the name comes from the brand of pacifier 'Binky'. I think she is a cutie pie!
    Love you... Ya Ya!