Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

When I was a child, which is different than saying when I was CHILDISH, because that I still am. Ok back to the story.... When I was a child I used to pick on my younger brother TERRIBLY. I was always much taller than he was and a considerable amount meaner. My mother (who I still say loved him more) used to say, "One of these days he is going to be bigger than you and he is going to get you!!" Well she was right .. sort of. He did end up much taller than me, a foot taller to be exact. HOWEVER he never got me, why you ask, because I was always way meaner and much more sneaky and very hard person to GET. I am not sure that anyone ever GOT me.

Yesterday, my friend Pat and The Boatman (yes I just named him that Pat) came by to deliver work, and with them they brought Rudder who happens to be Binky's brother. Now let me put this in perspective for you, because I like doing that.. putting things in prespective .. Rudder is STILL twice as big as Binky if not more. I seriously need to take her to the Post Office and have her weighed. But the point is compared to her he is HUGE!! Binky is a fairly nervous little bugger so I was a little concerned that she would shimmer and shake and hide behind me. uummm NOT!!!

Take a look at this video ...

Looks like my little girl can hold her own!!!

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  1. That is great! She is one little ball of energy. She seems to remember Rudder. Thats how I remember them, he wanted to eat, and she wanted to play.

    I also wanted to tell you that Lawrence snored real loud, so when she heard your husband, she may have been comforted by the familar sound. He had become quite attached to her, she was his pick...it was really hard for him to let her go, it's nice that I can show him this, and let him see how happy she is!

    We are so grateful to have found such wonderful homes for the babies.

    ya'll take care,
    Kim Lavender