Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the wall...


On days like today I look in the mirror and try to figure out where the hell I went. Or maybe I should say why is there enough of me to make TWO of me. Seriously! When I got pregnant with Bud I weighed just about 100 pounds. When I got pregnant with Dude I weighed about 20 more pounds than that.. MAYBE. Now.. Let's just say I am serious when I say there is enough to make two of me.

I have tried diets, lost some weight, gained it back, lost some weight, gained MORE back, lost some weight, gained WAY MORE back. I am now at the point I am not even comfortable in my own skin. I don't know who I am or why I can't put the fork down.

Hang on I need to get the doughnut sugar off of my fingers..

Ok back.. Now there is popcorn butter on my fingers..

Ok back.. Hang on I can't type and eat this bowl of ice cream..

Ok back..

DO YOU THINK I HAVE AN ISSUE??? I do. I am scared. I am miserable. I am sad.

And I don't know what to do..

Have you seen me??? If you have please send me back to Mathews County so maybe I can start over and do this differently!!



  1. Oh, girl, I feel your pain! EXCEPT...somewhere along the line, I've deluded myself into believing I look just fine :). Ya know that thing where people have such a goofed-up body image that they think they're fat when they're really skinny? Well, I have that in REVERSE. There I am, thinking I'm pretty svelte looking, then I take a look in a full-length mirror and, for a quick moment, I realize I'm not. Then I got right back to thinking I'm fine just as I am--HA. So I'm not the one to be handing out any advice on this subject :)!

  2. I quit smoking about 18 years ago and in the process found a WHOLE new person..unfortnately they are strapped to my own hips! I so understand where you are coming from here!

  3. I think you look great. I was scanning thru your Flicker set, and the impression I got was that you (and your hubby) look very happy & appear to really enjoy each other.
    So,as long as you're healthy girl, I think you have it made.

  4. You're not alone, and there is hope.
    If you've time, try reading Laurie's blog at


    Don't be afraid: just remember diet is the answer, but dieting doesn't work. Good luck!