Thursday, April 19, 2007

It used to be Arizona and a Streamline Trailer.

For years when I wanted to run off I always had this fanatasy story of running off to Arizona and living in one of those streamline trailers in teh dessert. Why I don't know because that quite possibily would be the most miserable place in the world to be in one of those bullet homes. Can you even imagine how HOT it would get in there?? Maybe that was the point.. trading one misery for the other. I dont' know really.
The point is in the past few days I have decided that I do not want to run off to Arizone in a Streamline. Oh I do still want to run off just not to there.

Where I want to go I want to see this every morning..

Where I want to go I can nap with this much comfort every day.

Where I want to go I can knit what I want when I want.

Where I want to go I can eat these whenever I want. Like last night.

Where I want to go I can listen to what I want when I want.. (note that is 2566 songs listed)

Where I want to go I can go to bed with this every night.

So what I have found is where I want to run is home. I just couldn't get there last night even though I was here.

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