Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Puppies and Purses!!

Binky showing off Mommy's new bag.

Ok Ok it is ONE puppy and ONE purse.. I am not even sure it is a purse.. it is more of a bag but it is finished!!!

I can not remember what all the little things are for knitting projects so I will just do the two I remember.

Fun level.. very simple knit. Designed by a child for a child I believe but it was for such a good cause and I really like the outcome of the bag that I just had to make it.. Gold Eyelets Silver Yarn and all!

What I would have done to make it my own.. I did make it my own! It has no boobies and I made stripes instead. I think I even did pretty well measuring them so they look ok.

Ok so I really need to get myself a knitting project template badly!

This was just a quick update for today. Hopefully later this evening I will figure out how to add my Flickr badge so you can see ALL the wonderful pictures and also maybe I will figure how to to get this thing to upload more than one picture to a post!

Next kntting project BEACH BAGS!!!

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  1. She really does look a lot like the puppy Emma I once had. Cute!!