Thursday, April 19, 2007

The name of this blog is deceiving..

It is the truth but not the whole truth. I realized this when I was sharing old pictures with my oldest son tonight.

Ok so technically he isn't my son he is my step son, but I have never liked the word step-whatever. It seems so detatched. I am sure some of you will not agree with me on this but that is how I feel so deal with it. Heck I have a sister that isn't even a step-whatever nor is she a half-somethingorother she is just my sister and I love her dearly and at times dislike her just like one too. I can honestly say you can dislike and love someone at the same time.. just ask her.

Our Boys.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was taken last year long before I even knew that young man would be my son, but it was still one of my favorites even then. Our boys, the oldest and the youngest. Aren't they handsome?

Ok let's get back to the point of this post. My deception. You see I am not just the wife of a waterman.

I am the Great-Granddaugther of a waterman.

This is Captain Henry Owens. He owned four boats that I am aware of. One was named after my grandmother, the Ellen Marie. I was named after her, the Dude likes to say that I was named after a boat.

I am the Granddaughter of a waterman.

This is Captain Snooks. Pop as I called him. He owned two boats. The Pet and the Virginia. I have no clue where those names came from but he worked on the water until he couldn't anymore and even on his death bed he woke up more than one morning at 4 am saying it was time to go in the bay to fish his pound nets.

I am NOT the daughter of a waterman.

My father hi-tailed it out of the water world as soon as he was old enough to hold down a regular job. Somehow the saltwater didn't make it in his blood and hunting did. I still love my Hounddog though.

I am the wife of a waterman.

Being the great-granddaughter and the grand-daughter of watermen has done nothing for the worry I go through every time the wind blows when one of these guys is out on the water, but this is my life and I love it.

I am the Mom of a waterman.

To be honest I am new this part and I am sure that worry of him being out there on the water will drive me insane but I will get used to it... at least that is what I keep telling myself. I remember when The Waterman took my camera on the boat with him last winter and this particular day was very very COLD.

I am the Mother of a Future waterman.

My little one informed me that when he grew up he was going to work on the water. I hope he means as a hobby because the working part of the water is dying rather quickly. So many rules and regulations put in place by people with book smarts and no working knowledge of the bay.

Now you have the truth and you have met the men in my life all in one post.

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  1. Very handsome men! You must be very proud, its a facsinating heritage! So happy to have found you, thanks for stopping by my blog!