Saturday, April 28, 2007


No real post about life as a waterman's wife today. If anything he should post about how pathetic of a wife I have been today! From 2 pm until 11 pm tonight I have had my nose stuck in a book! Promise Not To Tell. I linked the title of this post to the authors website.

This is probably one of the most gripping books I have read in FOREVER. If you are mystery lover you will LOVE this book.

Ok so I wasn't such a great wife today.. I didn't even cook him dinner, but I DID go get his wedding ring resized today so it would stop falling off. That counts for something right?

PS I started and finished the book today.


  1. You can NEVER underestimate the importance of a wedding ring that fits!

  2. Caster sugar is just fine white sugar. Over here we have granulated and then caster sugar. Caster sugar is the closest thing to regular white sugar back home. The granulated over here is alot coarser than regular sugar back home. HOpe this made sense!!

  3. Hi Ann Marie--I used your link to that book and it's a def "must have" for a good mystery! And I agree with Marie that the importance of a well-fitted wedding ring is essential! Have a great week...still up to my eyeballs in "house stuff" but I'm still around!

  4. Hey, you are right and the story of how I came to be over here is in these entries of mine which start with this one: and continue on from there for about three more entries. I am hopeless at doing links and stuff. Let me know if this works!