Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Pictures Today

Sorry. I am just not in the mood to post pictures today. Why you ask, because I desperately want a new camera. The more I look at other blogs the more I realize how inadequate my own pictures are. How lame.. how pathetic.. how non artist. I am ashamed to post any more pictures. That does not mean I am not taking pictures, it just means you won't see them.

I am just bumming around today. Nothing much going on. The Waterman is out working on boats for the Boatman. The Dude is out playing somewhere in the neighborhood.

Can I just say that is one small joy .. make that a LARGE joy of living in a small town. I can guarantee that when my little Dude hops on his bike and takes off in the morning he is going to end up at the house of someone that I went to school with or someone that I have known most of my life or someone that I am directly related to. It is so incredibly nice outside today that it would be a shame for the little brat to sulking around the house all day like he used to when we lived in the city and there was no bike riding or going off on your own. Living in a place like this opened up a whole new world to him that he never knew he was missing.

I wish I could say that this afternoon we were taking off on a nice boat ride and I would be taking along a camera worth taking but alas the Home Depot calls us and that is where we will spend the beautiful afternoon. Looking a power tools, large powerful power tools. HMMM maybe that won't be so bad.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Oh shoot here.. one picture taken with a crappy camera.

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  1. New to your blog and loving this photo of chairs waiting for me to sit in them and watch that water!