Monday, April 23, 2007

Someday's are just normal..

Today has been nothing but what you would consider normal. No major melt downs on my part. No major drama for the Dude. No major boat issues for the waterman. All in all it has been a very typical normal day in someone else's world. In my world typical and normal are two words that do NOT describe the NORMAL day at all. Typically and normally something would be amiss, but not today. Nothing. Quiet. It is quite odd. Wait I am sorry there is 2 hours and 44 minutes left in my day for something to go not quite right.

Maybe I should explain. Not quiet right is not a bad thing at all. My not quiet right is my normal. my routine, and to be honest things don't seem quiet right when everything is even keeled. I love chaos. I always have for as long as I can remember I revolved around one form of chaos or another. Long ago it was bad chaos, these days my chaos maybe the fact that my Dude never comes home unless forced. Or maybe a knitting pattern that isn't doing what I think it should. Or Binky Boo getting sick for no apparent reason.. WAIT WAIT WAIT.. back up there.. Binky got sick today for no apparent reason. There chaos and normalcy restored in my world. (side note she is fine it seems she just nibbled on something that didn't agree with her)

JW stopped by today to say hi. It was good to finally SEE him. Talking online with him is great but just having him stop by on a whim is always cool. Too be honest I wish we saw more of him. He is a great kid. He is probably going to kill me for calling him a kid because he is far from what most of you would consider being a kid, but this isn't your world it is mine and for me it doesn't matter if he is 60 he will still be a kid.

Speaking of kids. My youngest kid has decided that the neighbors house is where he belongs. Not that I don't love he fact that he is having a great time. Not that I don't love the little bit of peace of mind it gives me to not see him sulking around he house doing that kid whine of a thing that grates on my nerves like nails on a chalk board. Oh if you have kids you know the one... the horrid, horrible, hair raise, blood curdling statement "I'm BOOORRRRREEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!" I don't miss any of that. I am just worried he is going to wear out his welcome. I have been told repeatedly that won't happen, that he will be sent home if he stays a second longer than he should. But still I worry that he will become the neighborhood nuisance. Or maybe I am just worried I am becoming the neighborhood UNCOOL mom and how horrifying that would be!!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Monday. I am going to spend time with the wonderful Waterman.

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  1. Hi Ann Marie!

    I FOUND YOU, and I was able to read what you've written and now it looks like I can comment as well! We're on a roll now!

    I have to tell you this right now--I love YOUR life! I am a water freak and, girl, I don't know where you live but it looks like my dream. Congrats on the wonderful, handsome new husband--YAY! GOOD FOR YOU!! Not to even mention that most precious little puppygirl, and the handsome children. You know how I feel about it--our children are our children, regardless of how they came to us!

    I could quickly turn into a comment page hog here, so for now I'll end by saying..."talk" to ya tomorrow!