Saturday, April 14, 2007

This post brought to you by the letter B!!!

Yes I did watch too much Sesame Street as a child but I LOVED Big Bird!!! Big Bird was my Blue or Dora or whatever that little Carpenter dude's name is. I loved me some Big Bird!!!

B is for BINKY!!!

Who as you can see is still the cutest little girl EVER!!!! She has found her voice. Apparently she does NOT like other people touching her Mommy. Twice she has barked because people touched me. Thank goodness she doesn't seem to mind her Daddy getting near me!!

B is for BEEF!!!

This is what I am cooking for my wonderful husband The Waterman tonight... that other bowl is mushrooms and onions.. and I was worried I didn't know how to be a good wife!


I should have put things in it so you can see how HUGE this thing is!!! It is laying on a couch cushion a large couch cushion. The bag was fun to make after modifying it because I couldn't do the basketweave pattern it called for. It wasn't your typical basketweave. In the future I see this bag carrying many many beers to the boat! As well as towels, sunscreen, iPod, and any other thing we may need for a day on the water. I love this BIG BLUE BOAT BAG now that it is done!!! I may even start the little one that matches to put the small items in so as not to get lost in the vastness of this very big bag!

B is for BOYS!!!

Apparently there is a golf course in my back yard I didn't know about until The Waterman and Otis pointed it out to me the other day. It was a gorgeous day and I was attempting to hang out clothes on the line. Do you know how scary it is hanging clothes on the line when two boys are hitting golf ball in your direction?

B is for BABY BOY!!!

The Dude came home today from vacationing with his Ganee in Florida. He has a tan. I don't. I am jealous. I also think he grew 3 inches while he was gone. It is amazing how a little time away from your child makes you see things that you wouldn't normally in day to day life. My Baby Boy is growing up! I have to wonder if there is a way that I can keep him little forever. I miss the little things he used to say before he knew better. Like Budweiser Stalker Man instead of Buzz Lightyear Star Command. Or one of my personal favorites " I can hear your Harp Beeping." when I would hug him close. He is at an age where friends are more important than me and that makes me miss the days that his life revolved around where Mommy was. I have to say that I do love this age though, he is finally asserting some independence and it is completely amazing to watch him grow in to a young man.

B is also for BAD weather.

I do not have pictures of impending BAD weather. I do have pictures of last time. All we can do is hope that this doesn't happen again!

Just so you know. That is a picture of our FRONT yard, the creek is in the BACK yard!!! I took that picture from our front steps!!

Apparently I had a thing for exclamation points today. It's my blog and I will exclamation point if I want to!!!

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