Monday, March 15, 2010

The kid just needs to catch a break...

We are all home safe and sound, sort of.

After spending a four days in Central NC and then OBX, the Waterfamily is finally home. While we are all here safely I am not so sure about the soundly. The Baby Waterboy informed me last night that he didn't "feel quite right", and by quite right he meant that his brain was on the verge of melting and oozing out of his head by the time he let me know something was wrong. One look at him and I knew that he had a fever and yes he did... 103.5.

So the little one is tucked in his bed this morning instead of returning to school. I am not sure he even remembers where school is, he has been out so long.

I would like to say that my Baby Waterboy, the one with the Ass Burger Syndrome, has handled the events of the past week and a half with nothing short of miracle strides. There have been no major melt downs, no withdraws, no lock yourself in closets with a bottle of wine (oh wait that last one was what I do in times of stress). What I am trying to say is the Ass Burger dealt with the greif of the situation much more normally than I was expecting.

I think he was ready to head back to school today, to face the challenges of the classmates, the assignments, the teachers, and the questions.

The kids just needs to catch a small break... just not on THIS!!!!


  1. Hope whatever he has passes quickly so he can get back to school

  2. Bless his heart. And his momma's, too.

  3. Poor little Sweetie! Hope he's feeling better soon.


  4. Poor thing, hope he feels better soon. That's a mighty high temp, though, if things don't improve by tomorrow, I'd run him on in to the doctor. Popsicles seem to help in times like these. You might give him one too.