Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out of Order

Yes I think my photography brain cells are out of order.
Seriously... big time.

I went to OBX over the weekend and I have like all of three photos in my camera of the ocean. Three... as in ONE, TWO, THREE. Not three hundred, not three dozen, just three.

I think I need to go back as soon as my brain is back to "normal". Granted I have not a clue if it ever will be close to what I called "normal" again but I am trying. The kids are trying, we all are trying.

The Baby Waterboy was diagnosed with Strep yesterday so that explains the high fevers and the massive amounts of sleeping, he honestly has not been awake 2 hours straight since Sunday night, me on the other hand I don't think I have slept two hours straight since 1974 in the last two weeks. I am hoping that he feels a bit better today and can start working on the 473 assignments I picked up from school for him yesterday and I hope that I have enough sense to help him with it.

To all of you... when you see an old friend or are sending the kids to school or the man/woman in your life out the door.. Hug 'em and tell 'em you love 'em.. everyone needs that.
So Hugs and Love to you all.


  1. I hope Baby Waterboy is feeling better soon! Mine was out two days, but he looked well enough for today so I put him on the bus. He wanted "one more day" but it is never one more day...and our fraction to decimal assignment didn't go so well. He got .6=6/10, .7=7/10, and 1.5= 1 5/10 or 1 1/2...and then we did 7.7, and he wrote 7.7 = 1. :-)

  2. hugs from a distance for you and waterboy!!!

  3. I hope he's on some Z-Pack and on the mend quickly. And I love you should be a reflex reply to everyone we care about whenever we speak .. and never ever ever go to bed angry ..

  4. Oh I am hoping he is better today...and everything takes it's own sweet time. Especially sorrow...thinking of you.

  5. ((hugs)) to you today! I hope the sunshine helps;)

    LOVE YOU, RE!!!

  6. hope today will be a better day!

  7. Sorry to hear that he's sick, it seems the crud is going around.

    It's going to be in the 70s this weekend. Hopefully by then he'll be better, you'll feel a little better, and the fresh air and sunshine will work their magic.

  8. Hugs back to you! I'm sure now that he's getting back to normal. Antibiotics are wondrous things!

    Sure glad I don't have to help out with the school stuff. I'd do ok with most of it except math...Couldn't help ANY of my kids after the 3rd grade.