Monday, March 29, 2010

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Photo taken of my favorite place on Earth, no matter what season, during Summer I am not alone in my love for the place.

There are seasons, four in all.

Weather changes, sun and rain and snow,
Leaves fall down and flowers grow.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
There are seasons, four in all.

Look outside and you will see
Just what season it will be!

Today that weather is cloudy with a high chance of meatballs lots of rain, but I am good with that.. I think we all need a good spring rainy day. Spring rainy days are much different than winter rainy days, I can't fill you in on the hows and why fors of it all but it is true. Winter rainy days can lead to a vegetative depressed state as mentally the winter rain makes it appears as if winter is never going to end and we are going to be stuck in the house with these people who are getting on our last nerve our family from now until the end of time. We are passed that now, winter is gone and spring has arrived and this rain today is different.

Spring rain has a cleansing affect, when you wake up in the morning and the clouds have moved in and there is thunder and lightening a depression does not fall over you.. (well at least it doesn't fall over me) I get the feeling of a good hot shower, you know that feeling you get the minute you step out of the shower, that you are clean and fresh and ready to face the world again. That is the way spring rain makes me feel, like all of the winter blues are being washed away and it is time to start singing again (metaphorically of course, those who have heard me sing know that it is quite similar to the noise the cats outside make when they are ... errr hmmm playing late at night).

As all of you know this winter has packed on its fair share of blues on my family and me, it is time that we shower those blues away and start putting one foot in front of the other and move forward, while the whole family is no long with us on this particular plane I have no doubt that our sweet angel is watching over us and would not want us to stay in "winter" for another second. He is ready for us to move forward to spring and begin life again even if it has to be just a bit different.

I was discussing seasons with an old friend last night on Facebook, and I made the statement if we didn't have winter we would not appreciate summer as much, and while that is true the realization hit me that I don't really have a favorite season. I like them all equally, I like them all for each of their unique attributes. Spring has a way of waking us up and making us stretch our wings and fly, Summer has a way of making us run and play and relax in the evenings with friends and just enjoy what is around us, Fall has a way of making us slow down and take in all the smells and colors that nature can present and gives us a time to just mellow out, Winter has a way of making us hibernate with in our homes and spend just a tiny bit more time with out immediate families and the people who mean the most to us when we go out. I can't pick one season I like the most, they all have such wonderful qualities.

What about you? Do you have a favorite? If you do, why?

Happy Monday All.




  1. I like them all too...and much for the same reasons you describe. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick one I don't like quite as much as the others, it would be winter...and only because I live in an old farm house with the original windows and not much heat. When your kid puts "furnace" on his Christmas list... :-)

  2. I like them all, too. Tho don't ask me that in the heat of summer...
    I really liked your words today.

  3. Fall is my favorite. If it gets too cool, a jacket is enough. Changing colors, football of all kinds, apple cider, smell of smoke from wood stoves, just the best time of the year.
    I don't care much for summer--the heat wears me down, and you can only take off so much clothes (warning, DO NOT VISUALIZE me taking off clothes. Therapy runs $75 an hour)!

  4. I like fall and spring best .. temperate weather no extremes ..

  5. I don't know what season I like anymore. I used to love fall the best but . . . well I just don't think I like the thought of that anymore . . . sigh

  6. Summer sundays:)