Monday, March 1, 2010

Manic Monday...

Yes that is what it is, another Manic Monday, which I am starting to think that every day of my life is Manic in some form or another, but that is a totally different situation. This particular Monday happens to be a Monday when some particular tax forms are due to be stamped at the Post Office and if they are not and you own your own business with employees and what not, you are totally SCREWED A MUNDO.

That sounds like an easy task for someone who is pretty well organized doesn't it? Well it probably would be if it were my actual paper work but here is a outline of what happened, fill out everything in triplicate by hand, only to realize that someone didn't give me the correct information and fill it all out by triplicate again. It is THEN that it is noticed that not all information was provided in the first place and a gazillion phone calls had to be made to track down one little tiny piece of information on two separate people, at about 10 pm last night I finally had all of the information and I am what I think is done.

So that might lead you to ask, why Manic today then if you are done? Simple, anyone who knows me knows that until I get to the Post Office and have these stamped with today's date so that the devil does not come and each my children IRS is happy with me, I will be staring at said papers in triplicate repeatedly scouring for mistakes. Cause that is just how I am.

Not all things this weekend were bad though, I had a great time with my family last night and by family I mean half of Mathews. We all went to my wonderful Aunt Ann's house for dinner and I couldn't tell you how many people were there cause this country princess can't count that high. Oddly last night I think we were all present, which comes close to never happening unless it is Christmas and even then the Richmonder's aren't there. So thank you Aunt Ann for putting up with the madness that is us, each and every one of us loves you more than you will ever know.

Apparently, I am writing the weekends events backwards, which is perfectly ok maybe my
alcohol soaked old brain will remember it better this way. I took a little trip to Kilamonark and had lunch in a cute little seafood spot that is closing down soon, for about 30 minutes my party had the place to ourselves and I was free to wander and look at the John Barber paintings when it was noticed that one was a painting of a close friends boat before he sold it and another belonged to a friend of days gone by and he and another friend were painted working on the boat. It was quite neat.

Saturday I spent wandering around the woods looking for things to snap with my new lens, I happen to love this alone time and I met a couple of characters that I would have never run across if it weren't for that camera of mine. Hello Married in Moon, it was so nice to meet you the other day. Then there was Mr Ed who let me tromp around behind his sheds looking at old cemetery stones.

There were a few other run ins but they weren't as nice as Married in Moon or Mr Ed, I think this set thought I would be delightful as lunch.

I also stopped in on Chesapeake Bay Woman for a few minutes which is always a delight.

So I have to admit .. all in all I put this weekend in the WIN column, onward and upward, there is just another weekend around the corner from today!
Happy Monday all.


  1. Fun times with that lens! I want one!

  2. World traveler, sounds like you had a fun filled weekend, Not enough time to post a Sunday blog though, Oh well I guess my brain needed a day off after a GREAT night at Sanpiper Reef so many people having fun .You could not fall down! And some of the prettiest women in Mathews were out and all dolled up! MM

  3. MM... I posted two on Saturday .. you didn't even comment on the second one :) I am glad you had a fun filled Saturday night, attendance was considered but thrown out the window when I heard that some of the prettiest were going to be there.. I couldn't compete with that. And after a minor melt down with the IRS yesterday at 5 am I just couldn't think of a way to post tear drops on my blog.

  4. OMG! that's the yellow submarine!!!

  5. I am thinking that your readers (myself included) are enjoying your camera as much as you are. I am enjoying your photos and mentally being thankful that I found such a wonderful blog to follow.

  6. Loving what you are seeing with the new lens, Re...

  7. Oh, that tombstone quote is priceless.

    Tell you what else is priceless - your visit where you presented me with the best gift ever which due to its nature shall remain unspecified but just know that i LOVE it. One of these days I'll return the favor.

  8. Glad you had a WIN week end! Love your pictures.