Monday, March 8, 2010

A letter of thank you...

Good Morning,

While I know I have not had much to post about the last couple of days other than sadness, you have all hung in there with me and offered support and kind words and prayers. The Baby Waterboy and Watergirl and I have made it safely to NC and are now surrounded by so many who loved Little Boy Blue. While this week is going to be long and trying and not something I would have wanted to do, I am glad that I came. I am glad that the Waterkids came.

During a family moment yesterday a woman walked up to me who I had not seen in many years and she softly whispered, "You know Little Boy Blue had only one thing on his mind for when he got his drivers license. He was coming to VA to see Baby Waterboy." I thought this was a nice gesture and one of those things that sometimes people say to get people through things, until I heard it three times.... from three different people... who were told at three different times. Little Boy Blue had it in his heart that he was going to come to VA this summer, he never forgot us, never stopped loving us, now it is our turn to never forget and never stop loving.

Today will be a busy day filled with flowers and photos, busy work to keep from sitting in the floor and crying all day but being with the people who loved Little Boy Blue and sharing the stories and the photos and the love will make the day a little bit brighter.

On a lighter note.. on the way to NC yesterday Baby Waterboy leaned up and asked "Mom? How many stars is our hotel?" I could not even begin to discribe the look of disappointment on his face when I said... "Oh I don't know.. a One... Maybe."

Much love to you all and thank you all again for keeping us in your thoughts.
Re and the Waterkids


  1. Continuing to offer my prayers up. And a little giggle at Baby Waterboy...

  2. Keeping you and the family in my thoughts .. keep breathing .. keep remembering the good times ..

  3. Hold on to the good times....they are yours forever:)

    Love you, Re!!

  4. So very sad. Hugs flying your way.

  5. Keep your chin up and keep plowing through. It must be somewhat comforting (albeit a bittersweet comfort) to know that he never forgot you and intended to come see you all.

    Stay strong.

  6. **snort** Love Waterboy. Tell him the next stop is 5 star!

    You did right going there this week. You needed to know that ya'll were so important to him.