Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Because someone told me I could..

here is second post today.. HUGS TO A SPECIAL FRIEND..

Isn't this exactly what you asked for??? A LITTLE bit of sunshine!!


  1. ANN MARIE!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! What an absolute sweetheart you are...and I NEED the meatloaf secret :)!

    Ya know what? Just an hour or so ago, the "thing" got resolved. Basically, I overreacted a bit, as the person who "spilled the beans" didn't even realize she did it, and she really is not one to do something like that. And even though she meant no harm, she did apologize. To be honest, the title "Feeling Stupid, Sad and Tired" just about said it all--that is definitely a bad combo for me. Add in hungry and not eating right for a while and not drinking enough water, and it makes it really bad. Then, too, with Mother's Day coming up, I think I'm missing my Mama whether I realize it or not...ya know? So now I'm okay again...til my next crisis...HAHA!

    If you tell your dentist it's an emergency, they'll get ya in...I'm just sayin'!!!!! :) Really, hope it's not bothering you TOO much.

    Thanks again, friend!

  2. that looks like the sunset or was it sunrise at the cottage we had in high school.

    Was just talking about us. Was I a "Mean Girl" according to the Sugarland song?

  3. Red sky at night, Sailor's Delight? or is it Red sky at morning, sailor's take warning? Lovely picture nonetheless! It looks like a sunrise to me and a very beautiful one at that!