Thursday, May 3, 2007

Good Morning!!!

Yes I know I am late sorry. I ended up coming home last night instead of today. I am very glad about that. I was not glad about the major headache I had last night when I got home. It rained on me for about 2 hours.. driving in the dark and the rain is not fun, but I PLOWED through it.

I stopped by here yesterday..Got Gauge not the website the actual house. Bosco gave me "the eye" for outing him as the killer. Sophia tried to see if I tasted like the traitor I was by licking me.. repeatedly.. with hot stinky doggie breath licks. They forgave me a little I suppose because they allowed their Mom to hand over some yard I am going to make a few bags with.

First I have decided that I AM going to make this. Newest ProjectWill get started at some point this evening.

Right now I have boat issues to deal with.


  1. Ohhhh... I LOVE that wrap! You must share pictures of it with us when you are done so I can live it vicariously through you! Are you still on your own? I love hot stinky doggie breath licks...they're the best!

  2. You were here? ;-) Sorry I was so out of it. Really didn't catch up with my sleep and life in general until today. Much more normal and really, you should have taken more yard or yarn, either one.