Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am going to start my own version...

Ten things I do not like and why.. I am not tagging anyone today this is just for my own person use. It is 9 am on a SATURDAY and I am already annoyed to some degree.

1. I do NOT like people who do not take my world for it when I say the Waterman is unavailable. If I say he is unavailable that is not going to change at all when you say but I only need to talk to him for a minute. So what.. 1 minute... 30 minutes... he is STILL UNAVAILABLE. And when you push the issue I get all weirded out and think it may be important and go interupt the Waterman only to find out what was so important to you wasn't to him.

2. Women who call and when I say he is not available HANG UP.. Umm excuse me but just because he isn't available does not mean I couldn't take a message! Do NOT hang up on me!

3. I do NOT like the word CRISP. As a matter of fact I cringed a little when I typed it. Why must we even use that word??? Is it REALLY that important? Can we not find another word to mean the same thing. I mean just EW. There are other words I do not like either but this one is the WORST. It even ranks higher than the OTHER C word I do not like.

4. I do not like gorgeous Saturday's that I have to spend raking the yard instead of on the boat. I do not like it even worse when it is followed by a Sunday that is too cold to go out on the boat. Doesn't seem quite right does it??

5. I do not like a lady at work. I can't tell you where I work or who she is but I CAN say I do NOT like her. She is rude very very rude. Not to just me but to EVERYONE and she has her hand in everyone else's pots and she wears shirts that on the front say.. YOU WILL FOLLOW MY PROCESSES OR YOU WILL DIE.. and on the back say.. I WON'T FOLLOW YOURS AT ALL. Ok she doesn't REALLY wear those shirts but I can see them in my own head. She treats me like a moron and has basically said in emails that I am worthless and pointless. I know I am NOT supposed to take it personal because this woman doesn't have a bit of social skils in her body BUT I do take it personal.. those kinds of things HURT.

6. I do not like Mother's Day. I do not have a very good relationship with my own mother and that puts a damper on it for me. It makes me feel like a failure and a disappointment every year. Last year I spent a 3 hour drive from VA to NC crying on Mother's Day because it went so horrible. I made a decision not to make Mother's Day plans this year. I have given my mother her gift. I will call her, but I won't be spending dinner or time there.

7. I do not like that I am fat. I am not sure that explanation needs to be given here. It is kinda plain and simple. My ass is the size of what TWO asses should be. I SERIOUSLY need to do something about it but I have NO will power. No matter what I say or do I just can't MAKE myself do it. I swear I make all these plans in my head about what I am going to do about losing this weight.. and GUESS WHAT. All the weight is STILL here. I know that it is going to be all up to me but something has to be WRONG with my head. I can seriously be eating something and at the same time be thinking in my head.. you don't really want this.. you don't need this... but keep on chompling anyway! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!!!

8. I do not like my el cheapo camera. I am very sad about my camera situation. I really really want the Panasonic Lumix. oh and by the way.. the post the other day.. I said DLS.. I was trying to say SLR.. I had work on the brain. The ony thing is I can not seem to justify buying myself this camera. No matter how many ways I spin it. I can't justify it. I was soooo hoping I might when the contest over here this week but I guess I am not all that creative when it comes to naming pictures.

9. I do not like that they have remade some great old 70's and 80's cartoons and turned them into some kinda freak show! I mean seriously have you SEEN the new Scooby??? It is horrible. The pesky kids do not even look right!! I am very saddened by this,

10. I do not like the fact that I could list 9 things so easily that I do not like. I have a friend who keeps telling me that I need to think positively. Maybe I am not a positive kind of person! Maybe I should try to do something to change that.

Ok I am done with my pity party now. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Saturday!!! And to all you mothers out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!


  1. Awww... everyone needs a good pity party now and again. {{{{HUGS}}}} usually make it all better, but then again ... eat chocolate. It cures everything! (This coming from a quadruple asser who is desperately trying to just be a double asser, but who will probably endup with a quintuple ass at the end of it all!!)

  2. You know what I DON'T like at all? It sorta goes along with your #10. I DON'T like when people tell me to smile, or to think positively, or to cheer up, or any of that other happy BS. I always have to fight back the urge to respond to all that with "BITE ME!" HAHAHA! You are fine just as you are, Mrs. Waterman. Listen to old Rock-of-Ages-With-the-Wisdom (that's me..hehe)--this life of ours is a process. And it's definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. So, I say, there are times when ya just gotta go with the pity party! Then, when it's over you can go snuggle up to that gorgeous Waterman of yours, look around, and go back to being happy with what you have, and with yourself. Including your two-person ass :)! This might not make you feel any better but, then again, it ass is the size of what three JUMBO asses would be--I call it my ample ass. If we ever fall on our asses, we're protected. Besides, always remember "more cushion for the pushin'"!!!!! Okay, sorry...not really :). It will all work out when the time is right.

    You have a GOOD Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!

    And I am one of those people who think that brief pity parties are fine, as long as they are brief. Happiness brings lots of good with it. Did you know that by laughing for 2 minutes, your brain feels like you've spent 3 hours outside. We can do a great deal to "trick" ourselves into feeling good.

    On Monday, I'm going to start writing down each and every thing I put in my mouth. Everything. Every french fry, every olive out of my martini.


  4. It feels good to Pity it out. But since the shootings one block from where I stand, I've decided to focus on the positve things in my life and be grateful for the fact that I'm alive, despite my fat ass. Smile. I said so.