Friday, May 25, 2007

Just a quick PSA

For those of you that miss me and I know who you are.. I am just spending some quality time with the Waterman. The little dude has taken off for the night to spend some time with his best buddy, so that leaves the Waterman and myself to a night and day of kidlessness. Oh what shall we do with ourselves??

Seriously though going on a boat trip tomorrow to the Eastern Shore.. Taking the camera so when we get back there will be pictures.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!!!

PS.. Ann Marie IS my real given name..


  1. two crazy kids! Good for you; I'm so glad you and Waterman will get some time alone together. I trust you really don't need any suggestions as to what to do. But, just in case you really do, my suggestion is that you both read a good book! HAHAHA!

    I cannot wait for the pix--since I don't go anywhere, I have to live vicarously through other people, so these pix do mean a lot! :) What a loser, huh?

    And I'm glad Ann Marie really IS your name; it's so much prettier than, say, Mildred. Although there's nothing wrong with Mildred...HAHAHA!

    Have a great weekend with your Waterman!

  2. And just how, exactly, did the ta-tas get burned? Hmmmmm? Hehehe. No pix necessary, but thanks ever so much for offering. Burnt ta-tas aside, was a good time had by all?

  3. Woo Hoo!! I hope you have a great time! I know you'll have a great time!

  4. Since I didn't see this post until Sunday I am thinking you already had a great time, probably still have a smile on your face.

  5. We have had the same wants.. a camera, a pool and a jet ski! I bought an above ground pool 5 or 6 years ago and it is pretty big so I am happy with that. The camera I have wanted for so long and kept telling myself that one day when the kids were grown and then I thought about how stupid that is...I want pictures of my kids. The jet ski is one I don't think I will ever get, but I swear I am so huge anymore I would probably sink the darn thing. We have a bass boat and a pontoon so I am going to leave it at that.

  6. Enjoy your kidless time. My guys have only been home from college for a couple of weeks and I already can't wait to be kidless again.

  7. You will always be Ya Ya to me... boo boo misses you and so do I .. Love ~ QOC