Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Happy Monday..

YEA RIGHT!!! The toothache is still here, but it is only manifesting itself at night! What is UP WITH THAT. Before you guys start fussing at me about calling a dentist.. I HAVE!!! The first appointment I could get so far is June 22nd. That is right more than a MONTH away. But I have a couple of referrals I am going to call on Thursday and before anyone says CALL NOW, believe me I want to but I have an important meeting in DC tomorrow and really couldn't have any major dental work done prior to it due to the fact that I am going to have to talk and all. Ok here is the strange thing.. it isn't really my TOOTH that is hurting even though it is quite obvious that either a filling has come out or it is broke,, it is the gum that is hurting, and I don't mean above the tooth either i mean the entire gum on the upper right side.

Ok enough talk about my dental issues they will get fixed and I will just have to be miserable for another few nights.

I had no internet this morning for HOURS!! I am not sure what happened but that is why there was no post earlier. I was going to post last night but the tooth thing (ooopps sorry there I go with dental again) didn't let me.

To the person I am not talking ABOUT but I am talking to.. I will teach you how to make meatloaf. It is easy and I promise it will TASTE GOOD.

No pictures today.. sorry. Oh I have worked more on the cozy but I really want to wait until it is done to show it off.. k?


  1. are you here tomorrow? Please say yes!

  2. Mmmm..meatloaf. I am always up for a good meatloaf recipe! My mother's was always yuck...(sorry mom!) Pain always gets worse at night...it's a fact. I guess that's because during the day you can distract yourself from it with other things, but when you are laying there with only your thoughts to keep you company..there's no denying it! Hope it feels better soon!