Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I think I have finally lost my mind..

My dreams.. I can't take them anymore. They aren't really scary just weird and they are starting to get to me.

I am not someone who has ever looked into what my dreams mean or what I am trying to tell myself but this is getting out of hand. To be honest I do not even know where to begin to analyze what is going on in my gray matter as I snooze.

One I can pretty much figure out. It was easy actually. Binky got pregnant, and when I took her to the vet she was pregnant alright with 13 mix breeds they were going to have to abort. (keep in mind Binky is all of 3 lbs she couldn't handle 13 of anything inside of her) Well I understood all of this and told the vet I would do anything to save my Binky that the money from 13 pups was not worth it. That is when he told me that they were mix breeds and I couldn't sell them anyway. Enter weird part of dream, she was pregnant with 3 books, 2 coffee cups, and 8 other inanimate objects. I remember the books and coffee most simply because those are two of my addictions and I was thinking that it was all my fault!

If you don't think I am addicted to books since Monday afternoon I have read two novels and I am starting on the third.. Yes you counted right that is a novel a day. As for the coffee I never am without coffee. EVER.

I figure that was my brains way of telling me that I am spending too much time with these things and not enough time with real life, the problem to me is that IS real life.

I also have dreamt that I was pregnant NOT EVEN POSSIBLE PEOPLE and that someone I used to be close to was pregnant, in a way you could say she is part of the family, kinda. What is up with all this pregnancy dreaming!! I know that pregnancy does not mean pregnancy in your dreams but I have NO idea what it means.

This past weekend I had to get up and go outside to the garage to make sure that the Waterman was really out there because repeatedly people kept coming in the house telling me he wasn't there, or he had left, or he wasn't where I thought he was, this was all in a dream and granted he was right where I left him when I found him, it was still weird!

This morning was what put the icing on the cake. A friend that passed away 2 years ago or so came to see me this morning. Which is fine.. I suppose.. but when you tell me that you are coming back to visit with my 9 year old after he gets home from school today I am not so sure it is fine anymore!!! No no no.. GO AWAY.. Take your note you have in your hand that allows you to see him and go back to where ever you came from! You are NOT visiting with my son.. even if your note says that you are now his new dad GO AWAY!!!

I did not say any of those things in my dream but I was still thinking them. What I did say was today was not a good day in a very shaky voice and walked back into my house and woke up.

It is now 7 am.. and I need a drink.


  1. Here's a cup of coffee for you. And I've found this site can sometimes be close to the mark:

  2. Whoa! I really think you SHOULD come hang out with me Friday night and we'll get this dream crap nipped in the bud! Til then, here's a second cup of coffee for you, for after you've finished the cup Monkling gave you! Let me suggest a little Amaretto, Frangelico, Bailey's or something on that order IN the coffee :)! I don't know much about dreams, but I'm thinking all of the pregnancy stuff could just be that your kids, both with and without fur, are in your mind?? Later on, when I'm not a work (hehehe), I'm gonna check out that dreammoods thing--sounds interesting! BTW, I LOVED the Tommy Hilfiger show--I like the things they had to do and some of the ideas they came up with. I always liked Survivor, too, but lost interest in this last one. Another one I really like, even though it's hard to admit, is Big Brother. It'll be interesting to see if, with my diminished attention span, I still like it this year. I also like The Amazing Race. I just have a really hard time concentrating on ANYTHING on TV. Or anything, period. But then once I zero in on something, look out--like this comment. NEVER-ENDING!!! Can't wait til Friday.... :) :)!

    As, yes, Joe DiMaggio is also very cool. But, c'mon, Frankie? Look at those eyes; look at that smile. I don't care if he was old enough to be my great-grandfather, those pictures, etc. from the late 50s and 60s? HOT. HOT WITH CHARISMA. AND PIPES THAT JUST DON'T QUIT. Sigh.

    Going now.

  3. Okay, can your remind me again when you had a mind to actually lose?

    And if you are drinking at 7 am, why didn't you invite me?